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  • fortwaynerealtorjames fortwaynerealtorjames Feb 8, 2007 11:38 AM Flag

    Quiz - Feb 8

    Suppose we are given the opportunity to roll a six-sided die, and each time we roll we will recieve a dollar amount equal to the number which comes up, If we roll a one, we get $1; if we roll a two, we get $2; and so on up to six, in which case we get $6.
    If we roll the die an infinite number of times, on average, how much would we expect to recieve per roll?

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    • We can calculate the answer using some simple arithmetic. There are six numbers which can come up, each with equal probability. If we add up six possible outcomes 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 and divide this by the six faces we get
      21/6 = 3.5
      That is, on average we can expect to get back $3.50 each time we roll the die. This is the average, or expected return.

      48 replies today....WOW! And none from Hartaill (the numbers guy)

      See you tomorrow with a new one.

      Note: I am going somewhere with this, you will see in a few weeks.

    • either that or I had better things to do than answer you

    • Took you a long time to think that reply up.

    • ha gigs up funny to mess with fell for it....I answered wrong just to see peoples reactions....funny how seriously you treat the obviously completley stupid wrong answer.....I think its funny that you bothered to respond.....however I guess I am guilty to by responding to hartails stupid posts along with the likes of other morons on this board

    • Yeah, skipped right over that comment. I didn't even notice the "01" thing.

      I much prefer craps myself. Most fun game in the casino. And at the Strat, they allow 10x odds, which makes the house edge about .5%. Unfortunatley, I never win as I always stay too long.

      My greatest runs have always been from blackjack and then roulette. Dont get me worng, I HATE roulette and think its a sissy game. Last nice run I had I won $1000 (from $150) in blackjack and put it all on roulette (black) on the way out of the casino from the dumb drunken urging of my friends. "Let it all ride!"

      I did. When I won, I figured I'd go $1K a spin until I lost. 24 black spins later... I was doing well. Now compute THOSE odds. 24 blacks in a row on a single zero wheel. Astronomical.

      After buying a Ducati a couple hours later, I lost the remaining $15K back the next day. Oh well.

    • Sorry Ash, I was refering to the retard that claimed their was a Green 01. I know all about the single green, however, I'll take my chances at the crap table. That is the best game in the house. I have luck at blackjack, but the game is boring. Even if I am winning.

    • Perhaps. And perhaps tomorrow you will be able to speak English.

    • Thanks George

      Hey, maybe tomorrow you can be an atronut!

    • Sorry meant 1 zero and double zero they are green tho. Never been to europe maybe the are blue?

    • This, by the way, lowers the house edge to 1.35%, much better than MOST games. It then rivals baccarat and beats craps dont pass bets. The only game that truly beats it is blackjack, and that assumes perfect strategy. From experience, I would say 1 in 100 understand and play perfect strategy BJ. People play SO POORLY at BJ it's laughable.

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