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  • shoot_that_bear shoot_that_bear Feb 9, 2008 10:51 AM Flag

    Why RIMM is going to fall and fall hard

    I wanted to bring this to your attention. I want you all to make your own judgment call on RIMM.;range=3m;indicator=sma(20,50,200)+volume;charttype=candlestick;crosshair=on;logscale=on;source=undefined

    Since December 5th, when the market was at its last high, RIMM has traded everyday below the 20 and 50 day MA. The 20 and 50 day has been falling everyday since November. Also on December 5th 20 day MA crossed under the 50 day MA indicating a downward trend has begun. A stock will continue to fall as long as the 20 day MA is below the 50 day MA. $90.66 is the 20 day MA and $100.69 is the 50 day MA. Thats why I say RIMM will touch the $90 then fall back down. There is no volume or market momentum to carry it beyond $90.66. Thats why I said sell at open.

    Another very very very very bad sign is, did anyone notice that Thursday RIMM close below the 200 day MA for the first time in RIMM's history?? Thats a very bad indicator if you are a long. RIMM is going to fall hard and far in the near term. Since Jan 22nd RIMM has traded closer and closer to the 200 day MA and for the first time two days ago closed below that level. Again, no news, no volume, no deals.

    So for those thinking that RIMM is going back over $100 and up to $120 are just plain idiots! Those people who keep posting about numbers just for the sake of posting its going higher never have a reason or validation. My post 90% have reason to support my theories. Heed my post, RIMM has been ran up to technical levels only to fall.

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    • That is very obvious because you own some January PUTS and you have no clue about RIMM fundamentals or investment in General.

    • Thi is someone who actually saw the down fall happening; and people thought he was nuts. This board is crowed with pumpers and dreamers.

    • Shoot_that_bear, falling below the 200dma usually brings a nice rally. Remember that.

    • this guy told me to sell at open.
      Nice call, Carnac.

    • what you have put forth on this board may pass for fact in your mind, but believe me, you are sadly lacking. your "excuses" for being short are disappearing fast. i am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you shorted at 90. you see, you cannot win here. if you shorted at 80, you are a fool. if you shorted at 90, then you are still a fool because you have not made anything. if you shorted higher, then you are a fool for not covering by now.

    • Most of the responses to the original post have been crap. The point about the technicals is accurrate--look at the money flow, until Friday it was mostly negative. That said, those who look at the fundamentals can correctly point that the company has plenty of runway. Those who say the growth is slowing just don't know how to read financial statements. Those who think that the market will fear a Google phone have spent too much time on Google need to go outside and see real life--no one but the absolute geekiest of humans is looking for a google phone. The bottom line is that no stock can fight a bear market. The question then becomes where is the bottom and what happens next. I think we hit 60 in 2008 and then the stock takes off, but it might takes two years to get to 150.

    • Just please.....

      Humor everyone on this board as to why you have your theories?? You never ever ever have any supporting details as to RIMM or even the economy. Facts are RIMM is overvalued and economy is in a recession. You always just say, RIMM going to $100 this week!!! Atleast most of everyone else has reason for their theories why not you?? Otherwise you are as smart as Hartaill and his posts. Maybe you are Hartaill!???

    • Exactly! Buffet doesnt really EVER invest in tech. You know why???? Statistic show and return percentage show that if you stay invested in tech for more than 5 years without selling or buying more, your average return is less than that of the S&P. Weird isnt it that Buffet doesnt invest in something that is a pop and drop?

    • Yes that cup and handle is the soup cup youre holding in a soup line.

      Notice the technicals since December has been down??? The only pop was for earnings and everyone sold sold sold! Call it as I see it.

    • $80 is the support only because thats near the 200 da MA!! Like I said, this week RIMM 20 day MA and 200 day MA will cross. Then RIMM will fall alot further then $80. I am not making this up. Read my posts and look at the example charts of what happenes when they cross.

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