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  • doublebakedpotato doublebakedpotato Feb 1, 2011 9:45 PM Flag

    Why Tether? - the answer for Corporations

    Lets answer this question with logic (Why Tether), which is what any smart company will do, instead of the stupidity that Joel and Gregory would have us believe. Lets use the selling prices of Apple devices and Verizon plans (since they are factual and Mr. Gregory can't dispute them).

    iPad 3G, 32GB device: $729
    iPad Wifi, 32GB device: $599 ($130 cheaper)

    Verizon Wireless, 3GB monthly plan: $35

    So to buy a 3G device, it cost the company an additional $570 per user/per year ($130 more for the device,and $420 for the plans), and an ongoing annual cost of $420 for the plan. Multiply that cost over thousands of employees for 3 years ($1989 per user) - assume 3 year useful life of the device. Tough payback model to swallow for Angry Birds. Its like buying every employee 2 laptops.

    RIM's Playbook model for its launch version is using tethering - leverage an existing Corporate device and data plan (via your Blackberry). Minus the additional data plan, and using Joel's assumption of a $500 Playbook, you have a 1 year payback. My Playbook cost is $500 over 3 years, versus $2000 for the iPad.

    Additionally, I'd expect Apple prices to increase if they add camera's and dual core processors (if they do), or they will yield even lower margins on iPad 2.

    I'd take a 1 year payback versus 3 year and an annual expense to allow my employee base what exactly?

    That's the big question. iPad has no tie in to existing back end systems and applications. There is no middleware bridge with IOS. RIM has IBM, SAP, OpenText, and Microsoft to name a few lined up with products that run an integrate into real and existing back-end systems that employees actually use.

    So, give it a rest with the nonsense guys. The Playbook will deliver what every other Tablet can't.

    - cost savings to business
    - back end integration
    - and the novelty user experience consumers expect from the current rash of apps.
    - consumers can get on the savings train as well.

    The apps that pay over the long-term aren't the lucky lottery Angry Bird types - they are the Apps that businesses use - and long term that is were the money is for the Developers. Of course, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison would tell you that.

    Good luck.

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