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  • investor1412 investor1412 Aug 9, 2011 8:09 PM Flag

    Elite Broker says RIMM #1 Buy !!

    Interesting topic of Rim came up over the weekend at a family barebcue function. A guest who is a retired teacher was stating to me about his broker who he entrusts his holdings...(high profile broker with clients that have to have a base of 2 million $$ or this broker will refuse new business)....this guest was stating to me that the broker is calling all clients to load up on #1 choice this month....he stated way undervalue....and just their licensing agreements alone are worth $21 per share....not counting sales, real estate holdings, cash etc.
    He stated RIM will be $100 minimum within a year....and possibly $200 over the next 3 years.
    I know the shorts on this board do not want to hear this positive info...considering the short fan club posts 99% on this message board, but I am just passing along positive info from a very prominent broker for those who are interested.

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    • Top 20 thread in the Rimtardian hall of fame

    • Whats 2 million? A magic number?

    • I love this one about the barbecue broker!

    • Does he give guaranees?? ;-0

      Sentiment: Hold

    • How is that retired teacher doing?
      Is that very prominent, high profile broker still working?

    • Are you still using this elite broker?

    • A teacher is sitting on $2M+ in liquid investments. Yep, that's about what teachers pile these days, beyond pensions and house,etc. $2M. Sure.

      I will give you benefit of the doubt on meeting with this teacher. Psychiatrics, and he is not retired, he was visiting a patient.

      btw - He told me your diagnosis...the family is considering involuntary commitment, and who can blame them. Sorry old chap.

    • Sorry, but brokers know nothing. And it's laughable that you think a broker having a client $2 million minimum in place has a better track record, grasp of fundamentals/technicals, ability to predict future, etc. What a really stupid thing to imply.

      Brokers are salesmen. Period. I've been in the business for almost 3 decades. All that "elite broker" does is make a ton of money for himself. $2 million minimum? Nice racket.

    • I happen to be one of those bulls - there may be more lurkers than you think.

      Speaking of thinking, that's something you need some serious work on!

      You quote someone you've never met, can't or won't identify, ... and whether you got his comments right is highly uncertain.

      NOBODY in his right mind predicts RIM at 100, because it's a classic crapshoot with all their new products.

      AND you have to wonder whether they can essentially trick their customer base into buying now ... and again when QNX comes out. Certainly, they'd engender lots of ill will if they didn't practically give you a 90% credit on Bold 9900 charges if you want to switch after 3 months ... and then they'd be reporting another unimpressive quarter and that wouldn't play well.

      Seriously, I *DO* look for a bounce, and view things like a buyout or a home run of a QNX release as gravy, but as quoted, this guy has to be one of the dumbest brokers going - and they're not all that savvy a group.

      Oh yes, $21 in "soft assets" that anybody with a brain would point out are hard to value for technology gurus, much less a guy whose strong suit is probably golf or tennis.

      We could all use some encouragement at this point, but b.s. like "buyout at $65" or "#1 Broker makes this his #1 pick" borders on counter-productive, since smart people react adversely to dumb posts like your most recent one.

    • You have to be the most pathetic pumper in the history of yahoo message boards. You used to pump that your broker "called you" and told you RIM was a huge buy going to $100. People laughed at you for obvious reasons.

      Now you craft an elaborate story about a barbeque with a story of an "elite" broker that manages millions that says the same thing?

      This board does not move stocks so stop trying to recoup your horrendous losses with this broker bull feces.. You look like a complete dope.

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