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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Aug 9, 2011 8:51 PM Flag

    Elite Broker says RIMM #1 Buy !!

    I happen to be one of those bulls - there may be more lurkers than you think.

    Speaking of thinking, that's something you need some serious work on!

    You quote someone you've never met, can't or won't identify, ... and whether you got his comments right is highly uncertain.

    NOBODY in his right mind predicts RIM at 100, because it's a classic crapshoot with all their new products.

    AND you have to wonder whether they can essentially trick their customer base into buying now ... and again when QNX comes out. Certainly, they'd engender lots of ill will if they didn't practically give you a 90% credit on Bold 9900 charges if you want to switch after 3 months ... and then they'd be reporting another unimpressive quarter and that wouldn't play well.

    Seriously, I *DO* look for a bounce, and view things like a buyout or a home run of a QNX release as gravy, but as quoted, this guy has to be one of the dumbest brokers going - and they're not all that savvy a group.

    Oh yes, $21 in "soft assets" that anybody with a brain would point out are hard to value for technology gurus, much less a guy whose strong suit is probably golf or tennis.

    We could all use some encouragement at this point, but b.s. like "buyout at $65" or "#1 Broker makes this his #1 pick" borders on counter-productive, since smart people react adversely to dumb posts like your most recent one.

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    • Isn't that $21 figure laughable? Where do they come up with that nonsense?

      Want to know the way to value those "assets"? Try to sell them. Price discovery. Then we'd see what they're really worth. $21. hehehehehe. That's too funny. My guess would be $5.

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