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    • It is key now, we ridicule intelligence of anyone investing in this God forsaken thing called RIM. We must shake the confidence of all and anyone going long this stock, make them question themselves, have doubt, fear the worst. THIS is how we make money!

    • Sir, you are correct! I don't look at such things as fundamentals, growth, p/e etc. That is for suckers. I only look at the personality of the stock itself. RIMM is probably the only stock in history to be so detached from RIMM's fundamentals and growth, but as I like to say, as long as the stock itself is going down, who cares!

    • " I am an American Investor and I hate RIMM stock! "

      If you are any kind of investor at all, you wouldn't allow any emotion such as hate or love to enter your thoughts on any stock.

    • Stop it, you're getting as good as moi.

      I agree with your comments and wouldn't be surprised if all of us AAPL whistle blowers quietly vanished......

    • I will also add, it is in Apple's best interest to also be involved in creating as negative a perception of RIM and Blackberry's as possible. To plant the moles in the company to sabotage everything they are doing, to leak out inside information to the media, to ensure there is negativity from within, to hire people to bash RIM from every facet, whether it's on crackberry, on this message board, on CNBC via their "Apple connection" through analysts and hedge funds, etc etc etc. The Apple elite have done a superior job at creating such a negative perception of RIM that the stock price actually acts accordingly, regardless of the true growth and fundamentals. All we care about is that the stock price goes down, it's called the great American Casino, and while the young guns don't yet understand about growth and fundamentals, this is a macro scenario playing out with the beautiful color of red.

    • The American media and press seem to hate RIM, so I doubt it will be an American company that buys RIM, if a company buys them at all. And don't start in with all the new OS7 phones coming out in the next couple weeks or the rave reviews or the surging sales of Blackberry OS7 phones in the last two months. WE DON'T CARE! It's not about the company or its growth, it's all about creating a such a strong negative perception that the stock price becomes completely detached from the company's fundamentals and growth -- just as the stock price is currently. I am an American Investor and I hate RIMM stock!

    • maybe big investors care...
      or founds like gotham capital and renaissance technologies...

      I don't think they are stupid like the rest of the world...ops usa

      Maybe not today not tomorrow..but maybe monday. Somebody understand financial markets?


    • While true, who cares? It's about getting the stock price down so shorts can make money and us American Investors can laugh at the company, via a low stock price. I am an American investor and I don't care about the global population or how fast RIM is growing in the other 95% of the worlds people. I don't care that North America only makes up 5% of the global population. I don't care that Veritas is short. I don't care that RIM has grown its subscribers by 40% this last year and that they've grown their revenues and earnings by hundreds of percentage points over the last several years. All I care about is that the manipulators keep putting the kibosh on RIM, that they keep brainwashing everyone to BELIEVE that RIM is going out of business and losing subscribers, etc etc. If you are going to short RIM you have to BELIEVE! Like how Steve Jobs used to stare at people without blinking, how he created the distortion field, how when he got sick he believed he didn't need surgery and can will his way to health. Okay, maybe the last one wasn't a great example, but it did work for a while!

    • As an American investor, when I invest in a company, I don't care how said company is doing in the rest of the world, I only care how said company is doing in the USA. Sure, investing is all about numbers, sales and the bottom line, but I am biased, just like the rest of the media who bashes RIM. Thus, as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC etc. all focus on is 9% share of the US market smartphones (if that number is even correct).

      Here are some of the conclusions from the study:

      US population appx:: 312 million

      Every one in five people in the US have a smart phone.

      According to the study, over 75% of Blackberry owners live in California and New York (otherwise figures don't add up).

      I'm an AMERICAN INVESTOR only and so I enjoy the bashing of RIM from the US media, even if it makes absolutely no sense in how to value and gauge a company's growth. It's not about the company, it's about bashing so the stock goes lower! Many of these corporations are in cahoots with giant short funds. Don't think for one minute any of the media bashing is objective, truthful or legit, it's not about RIM growth, it's about RIM's stock decline! Does it make sense? Of course not! Who cares!

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      • North America equates to 5% of the world population, but the articles from the RIM bashing media on an unsubstantiated "study" makes it appear the US "is" the world population.

        "The world's population is unevenly distributed, with six of the world's seven continents being permanently inhabited on a large scale. Asia is the most-populated of Earth's continents, with its over 4 billion inhabitants accounting for over 60% of the world population. The world's two most-populated countries alone, China and India, constitute about 37 percent of the world's population. Africa is the second-most-populated continent, with around 1 billion people, or 15% of the world's population. Europe's 733 million people make up 11% of the world's population, while the Latin American and Caribbean regions are home to 589 million (9%). Northern America has a population of around 352 million (5%), and Oceania, the least-populated region, has about 35 million inhabitants (0.5%).[10] Though it is not permanently inhabited by any fixed population, Antarctica has a small, fluctuating international population, based mainly in polar science stations. This population tends to rise in the summer months and decrease significantly in winter, as visiting researchers return to their home countries.[11]"

    • US Market is 25% of Asia Market.

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