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  • midnightrambler108 midnightrambler108 Nov 14, 2011 12:37 PM Flag

    I Can't Believe

    How the market can pin a Valuation on Amazon at 100 Billion and set RIMM under 10 Billion.

    RIMM has more revenue and profit. But I guess we don't pay attention to Numbers anymore. I assume stock trading is all about sentiment now.

    Yup, Sentiment and Speculation.....

    It doesn't matter that RIMM is still the Number 1 Smart Phone in a lot of countries throughout the world. Infact:

    Markets Where BlackBerry Has The Largest Market Share
    • Mexico (30%) • Indonesia (55%) • Turkey (30%) • South Africa (33%)
    • Chile (30%) • Nigeria (50%) • Sri Lanka (60%)
    Markets Where BlackBerry Has The Second Largest Market Share
    • Canada (25%) • Spain (30%) • Netherlands (21%) • Philippines (20%)
    • Cambodia (25%)
    Markets Where BlackBerry Has The Third Largest Market Share
    • U.S. (25%) • France (20%) • U.K. (12%) • Italy (15%)
    • India (14%) • Singapore (12%) • Malaysia (15%) • Egypt (9%)

    Rethinking RIM - November 09, 2011

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    • I'm sure now:
      you are really stupid.

    • Amazon has a future, RIMM apparently does not.

    • Stop talking with this stupids short sellers can you wait just a little bit?
      they really don't understand nothing about stockmarket they are only stupids bashers and stupids loosers

    • 1) Technical charting has it at a value between 35-45 / share.
      2) I don't have to charge it but once a week. But my wife is sick of charging here brick size smart phone everyday. Google and Apple phones are power pigs and have short battery lifes. Changing the batteries in many of these costs you $100+ whereas I bought a new battery off EBay for my daughters phone for $3 and able to switch it without tools, serviceman, or technical videos.
      3) My daughter does all her homework on my old curve and we laugh when we see kids bored with their smartphones and not able to do what she does.
      4) AIG, CitiGroup and Delta - all worthless companies with diluted stock and aging assets have twice the P/E of Rimm.
      5) Chance of a merger after reading Cooperman's notes actually seems exciting and obvious after reading that article. I don't think Rimm is a takeover because the owners won't sell it. Microsoft could easily be that company.
      6) Apple knock offs in China are somehow getting access to devices that only Apple stores should have and the rumors are flying that Apple technologies are being cloned in at least 3 other locations in the country and these are being protected.

      So I just bought my opening position @ 18.22!

    • May be True ..... BUT, going forward:

      Is the likelihood greater that the market share will dwindle in these countries?

      Just take a snapshot in time QNX/BBX, no new things, etc.....

      Snapshot with today's performance and market performance.

      Will people want clunky HW, buttons, small screens, playbooks tethered to phones, slow S, lack of Apps, etc....


      Will carriers and people want the cool gadgets that stars, rich people, etc... are flaunting around and are seen in movies???

      Will they want huge touchscreens, talking phones, cool apps, etc... just like the hollywood stars have and just like the Android and Apple phones that are seen in so many Hollywood movies?

      If you had to bet, people would prefer and Apple or Android phone.

      It boils down to what is popular and what is not ....what has higher probability of resonating with the masses and selling a lot of product?

      Unfortunately ..... this would not be RIMM.

      This is coming from somebody who has had RIMM devices since 2002/3.

      Things changed around 2008/2009

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