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  • chrishasty_1982 chrishasty_1982 Nov 16, 2011 2:06 PM Flag

    BBX will run android apps.

    The BBX operating system is on the horizon for the next round of phones/tablets, and it will be capable of running Android applications. I think that will certainly help the brand.

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    • Bullet proof logic there. Very well thought out response.

      Blackberry is pitching android apps to compensate for developer distaste for their platform. They pitched it big in May. They pitched it much less in devcon. It wouldn't surprise me if this gets added to their long list of cancelled promises. By the time it gets ready, android apps will have evolved by two platforms. And devs still have to willingly participate.

    • why? blackberry give you android, blackberry apps and security. mmmm....why would you want an android? MORON. you must be joe joe under a different i.d. because you both speak fart sound 2.0

    • if i want droid ill buy a droid

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      • Maybe so, but the capability to run the apps is certainly not going to hurt the situation. The lack of available apps is currently one of the biggest draw-backs for Blackberry smart phones, and this is probably the best way the issue could be addressed. BBX is going to be a solid improvement for Blackberry in the eyes of the consumer IMO. I'm considering a BBX phone when they are released as long as it doesn't turn out to be a half-baked platform with lots of problems.

        Anyway, I think all RIMM needs to do is release ANY competitive product and the stock will begin to trade at reasonable valuations.

    • True, but do you think it will run the Apps better than an Android phone runs it?

      There are glitches with the Android phones as is ... and not all phone models get the patches and the upgrades.

      What will the difference be?

      There are differences between a Honda, Toyota, and a Mercedes.

      What will RIMM do differently?

      Buttons? A flashing LED that is always flashing and draining battery to tell you you have email .... everybody always has email (especially at work) or messages.

      Battery Low function where you can not make calls on a low battery? Java error where your curve becomes a brick because it shows a grey screen?

      What can and will they do different?

      BBX, QNX, whatever can not add to what Apple and Google have already done .... Hell, even they are copying off each other and tweaking things ....

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      • you are an idiot and a basher. the fact is blackberry has the best battery in the business. no one complains about this.
        if they integrate android and blackberry apps well mr.moron thats like have 2 phones in 1.
        now with integrated security seperating business and personell use on BES, well that like having everything in the world in 1 phone. GAME CHANGER AND LEAPFROGGING.
        did you know BBX runs nuclear power plants in the U.S. idiot. do you see android running the nuclear power plants or apple IOS. hey moron sleep well that BBX is on the job. oh yeah i forgot, BBX runs another thing called THE SPACE SHUTTLE.
        so who exactly has the superior operating system. android and apple is for nintendo game playing idiots like you. now do your full research before you make idiot comments. you are a game boying apple android moron. oh yeah and keep buying all those phones from taiwan,korea and china. it does great things for the american economy. at least when you buy a blackberry your helping theU.S. number 1 trading partner which helps the U.S. economy. what does samsung exactly do for you.WAkKE UP AND GROW UP

      • It should run them as well, since nothing will get into the BB App Store until it is certified both for usefulness and security.

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