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  • jimmy.lin Dec 1, 2011 11:40 AM Flag

    Question for all shorts

    If Dec 15th comes around, and RIM post better than expected sales numbers for this quarter, will you still short this stock after the rise?

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    • Of course they will. think of it this way; stock goes from 140 to 16 and they still want to short it, even the most extreme short could not argue that rimm is near bankruptcy. Financial statement of rimm dont indicate that not even by any stretch of imagination.

      So yes much like the longs who went long at 140, and I remember this well, they argued rimm will never stop going up. Now the shorts do the same. Simple lesson to keep away from extremes is never learned. So many stocks to short, but no! They follow the Jws
      mantra of GS and few orther. Rimm is evil rimm is bad. they are going to learn same lesson longs learned years ago. it is the human condition / cheers.

    • Yes, you suck huge and you lose money on your Calls, something you neglected to mention in your last post. you lose money, that's a loss, you will have to hand over money because you lost it. Money that you once had, you lost.

      And so, your trade is rediculous by any imagination and you lose money.

      You see, you lose the money, it is gone, are you getting it now??

      Is there anybody here that can quantify just hoe stupid this guy is? Thanks.

    • Well, RIMM is up today because of some comments by JP MORGAN about Apple, that RIMM speculators jumped on as a positive. As a short, I don't worry about these speculative moves. Some of the positives that have been said about RIMM relate to their subs. However, I have to wonder what happens to those numbers when device sales continue to plummet?

      There is an article in Forbes that tells a lot about market share. You can find it under news for RIMM here on yahoo.

      That strategy to license their software sounds a lot more like a capitulation than a brilliant business move.

      Good luck.

    • F.Y.I: Almost 13000 contracts sold today for Dec call of 20.00.

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      • I see that, and did you see the open interest is depleting? only 18,382 left. it was over 30,000 that just mean the scams are out trading the same contract over and over again while the MM is pumping up the price actions. did you also notice that the delta on $21 calls were almost .50? lol only 17 days left, $3 away on that strike, but the delta is 1-2? lol suckers are paying top premiums. lol

    • enough jimmy lin, go eat your egg fool young and shut the hell up. this is a free message board for people to come on here to post message, entertaining while we trade. I never ask for any creditability or trust from anyone. those who know me here for months knows that I short rimm with many options spreads, and I also post most of my trades here. you decide whatever you want and comment whatever you want, I am not here to gain your trust. you are just an wicked annoying Ahole that can't take a joke and dwelling on a retarded topic. you got to be the most annoying geek I have ever talk to on any message board. get a life geek.

    • wow rimtard pump to the finest, it wast taking over at $120 months ago, then take over at $70, now that you just prove you can't read or understand how options work and I called you out on it. your come back is that Rimm will be taking over by Dec 17th for $35/share? so I lose money on my call options? lol wow you are a true rimtard. man, no wonder you lose money.

    • Fu$k head, the stock gets taken over at $ 35.00/shr, can you run the math for us again please? Man are you dumb.

    • read again moron, I said limited my losses. I sold the $20 calls, which will exp 2 days after earning report. time decay and also rimm still $2 away which will limit my risk. if it goes to $20 by exp date which is 2 days later I lose nothing. but if rimm tanks, I made tons of money without put up any money because the premium I got from selling the call pays for my put purchased. get it retard? man you guys are freaking dumb as a rock.

    • You can get a margin account for $ 10,000, he is right, you on the other hand, problably couldn't get one, if you know what I mean.

    • jimmy.lin Dec 1, 2011 1:16 PM Flag

      So it's obvious that you don't understand the meaning of Credibility. I don't know you, never met you before, so what you said in the past makes up our understanding of you as a person, and you have been called a Fraud by another poster here because he feels the same as I do that you are just BS. No one need you to point out the obvious that RIM went down 70% this year, I could care less if it went down 170%, since I didn't invest in RIM back then. I have made plenty of money on RIM since August, and not from shorting this stock. There is more than one way to make money in the stock market.

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