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  • thurmond_bell thurmond_bell Dec 3, 2011 4:53 PM Flag

    My Patent for RIMM Bridge Concept

    Patents and Application must be reviewed on the website. I will try to help you locate it.

    You must login here and select Pattern Application
    and enter patent app number 12220295

    Please look at my drawings for concepts

    My patent invention is for screaming content from a phone to a tablet size device, play multiplayer games using pbones as controllers, fax capabilities from mobile devices, installations in autos and the like. Check it out.

    Tell me your you think about the inventions please

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    • I used this one. Hope it goes through this time

    • I took a quick look at the claims of your application.

      Each claim is required to be in the form of a single sentence. There are also alternative limitations which may be rejected under 35USC112.

      If you are serious about this application, then you should acquire the services of a patent attorney to handle the prosecution of this application. Even if there is patentable material in your application, the claims you will be granted as a pro se applicant may end up being too limiting to be of any commercial value.

    • Try That will work.

    • try

    • email gets returned undelivered

    • If any of you know a good patent attorney with mobile device experience let me know. The Patent Office have started their prior art search on my applications. I am sure I will have to reply to their decision for each of my claim. I can not write patents, I just had a vision and rush it to the patent office. I will need help by experts to communicate with the patent office in patent langugage.

    • If my patent is granted, RIMM will be my first choice for executive rights because their Bridge concept is heading into the right direction. Their BBX Phone/Playbook synergy is going to be a major game changer.

      Imagine using your BBX Phone to conduct multiparty video conf/calls and have the Playbook show real-time video feeds from each party on the call.

      The Playbook can be script down to just a dumb terminal (Reception only from a BBX Phone), not requiring all the expensive components, margin can be much greater.

    • <My mirroring is also mobile from your smartphone to your larger display such as a tablet. A larger display does not have to have all the expensive electronic as a tablet.>

      You really need to buy an Apple TV and an iPhone.

      AirTunes was originally released on the 7th June 2004

      Air Play
      AirPlay (previously called AirTunes when it was for audio only is a proprietary protocol stack/suite developed by Apple Inc. that allows wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos, together with related metadata between devices. Originally implemented only in Apple's software and devices, Apple has licensed the audio-streaming portion of the AirPlay protocol stack as a third-party software component technology to other manufacturer partners for them to use in their products in order to be compatible with Apple's iDevices.

      Devices currently implementing AirPlay are of two categories: the devices that send audiovisual content, and the devices receiving the content and render it on display and/or speakers :

      AirPlay sender devices include computers running iTunes; and iDevices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS 4.2 or greater.

      AirPlay receiver devices include the AirPort Express (that has an audio output through a jack connector), the Apple TV, and third party speakers.

    • email me at

    • You should write to RIM, maybe RIM and you can setup a deal. Do you know a good litigator and a good patent lawyer?

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