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  • redcenturion0 redcenturion0 Feb 24, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

    Hear the latest news from Tguns..Anal.lyst..joelew111 and their multiple accounts?? didn't?? Oh..That's right...That's because their short rim trolling posts are so full of crap..that anyone with the slightest tad of investing and trading common sense rates everything they post 1 star...You may hear an ocassional well written position on shorting rim at this board...but not from these schizophrenic clowns...Eventually once they realize most people can't even view their crap..they'll throw a final tantrum and leave...Great continued job by real traders and investors to put these fools in their place...they're lucky the minimum rating isn't 0 stars...They'd receive it every time LOOOL!!

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    • Speaking of the board.

      It's a complete and utter wreck. Once in a while if you want to take the time to passby, you may find one professional approaching RIMM as an investment. Most of the time, all you're going to find for your trouble is another backyard street club member trying to draw up juvenile drama.

      Long or short, whatever your position. Doesn't matter. This "yahoo board" is filled with egotistical yahoos. That's a major shame. There were people I respected here posting in 2011 and many of them left or started infrequently visiting by end Jan.

      I have no respect for this place anymore.

    • the way 'Ayuh..ayuh..*HIC..ayuh'..I know it's the weekend..and you can't resist pounding the sauce...but try to give that liver working over time..and then some..a bit of a rest will you??

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      • Hey Einstein,

        Have you noticed how easy it is to change the settings to view one star posts? This is a little game that the star bandit has been playing for about 7 months. It amuses us.

        this might come as a complete shock to you, but most of the bears post on here for our amusement as well as the profits that we have enjoyed. So, instead of assuming that we are posting for your attention, or assuming that we are posting to get people to sell their stock, or because we are "paid bashers", you should know that we post to amuse one another at the expense of pumpers predicting this dead company will be $200 soon.

        As far as the value of posts, take a read at tfgregory's little history lesson on radio/TV patents a couple of threads down and let me know when you add anything of similar substance to the board.

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