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  • tguns4444 tguns4444 Feb 28, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    atf dumps rimm...ipad 3 is 4g

    another govt agency dumps rimm and the ipad 3 is out next week and its 4g

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    • Satan here...

      <..."Two drunken RIM executives mixed alcohol with prescription sleeping pills causing such a serious disturbance that their Air Canada flight was forced to land in Vancouver, according to a court transcript.

      Crown counsel Gerri-Lyn Nelson painted a frenzied scene aboard flight 31— a Toronto to Beijing journey — where passengers had to help flight attendants, more than once, subdue the men, who fought to get out of their restraints.

      In the final 80 minutes of the flight, the plane was in complete lockdown, with no passengers allowed out of their seats.

      During the Nov. 30 hearing, Nelson told B.C. Provincial Court Judge Ronald Fratkin that George Campbell and Paul Alexander Wilson were extremely unruly and belligerent to passengers and the airline crew, kicking seats, yelling and swearing.

      Wilson attempted to break the plastic restraints with his mouth for an hour or two, and “they ultimately chewed through the restraints,” she said in court.

      “Violence on an aircraft is something that everybody worries about as we fly and as evidenced by the security that we now have to go through just to get on the plane,” Nelson said.

      “This wasn’t just being drunk, sort of a happy drunk coming back from Mexico with a couple too many beer. This was way over the top,” the transcript reads.

      The Boeing 777 aircraft, carrying 314 passengers and 17 crew members, was already north of Alaska, when the captain, who told police he had never seen anything like this in 38 years of flying, decided to turn the plane around.

      “The captain didn’t think that Mr. Campbell even knew where he was,” Nelson said.

      Campbell, 45, of Conestogo, Ont., and Wilson, 38, of Kitchener, each pleaded guilty to one charge of mischief.

      According to the transcript, Campbell, who was vice-president, manufacturing, and Paul Alexander Wilson, who was vice-president, supply chain, were heading to China for business, one for a week, the other for two weeks.

      Days after the incident, Research In Motion fired the executives, saying: “RIM expects that its employees conduct themselves in a manner reflective of our strong principles and standards of business behaviour.”..."...>

      OK. Whatever you say.

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha...chewed through the restraints...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...

    • Satan here...

      Stop, please, we won't know what to do with all of the cash that you're making for us.

      Now we're everyone here who points out that rimm is a festering carbuncle? We need to check and see if that triggers another bonus clause.

      Only thing better is if you accuse us of being the Money Trust, Media Moguls seeking to bring rimm down, and part of the Government [not sure which one] that has a vested interest in seeing rimm crater into the dirt.

      Come on, you can do it. Keep 'em coming until your berry service goes kaput.

    • Why did I know you would think Cramer was a genius?!?! LOL!

    • You're welcome, unfortunately you're too stupid to keep Apple's money, you'll just give it back to them by paying for their overpriced turds, produced by people who would rather kill themselves than work in Apple's sweatshops.

    • cramer made me money

    • Satan here...

      Nah, one's enough to twist your rimm thong into a berry knot.

      But there's more cash in it for us if you post to yourself.

      This is a banner day. Thanks.

    • Same argument Murray was making about past events....different user ID, same stupid user. Only goes to show you can't take the stupid out of the iDiot. Are you Cramer?

    • Satan here...

      Did we also mention we get paid extra for pumpers posts over a certain number that have no bearing on a stock that has fallen into the teens?

      Plus linking rimm pumper posts to current and past events that have nothing to do with the company's performance.

      You are money.

    • your snapping get it together....

    • Oh, yeah, and come back as another user ID, this one is losing what little credibility it might have had to Apple users.

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