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  • kennethshamrock kennethshamrock Jun 22, 2012 5:07 PM Flag


    UNREAL.........This has got to be the crime of the century..

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    • <We are gonna burn down your walls!>

      There are legitimate mathematical issues with increasing "productivity" in a crowded world. However, you claim to be Canadian, so a) you are incapable of burning down any walls, and b) the wall you speak of is the one sheltering you and your comfy yet fragile situation. Be careful what you wish for.

    • And What I mean by that is

      Boeing $53.9 Billion
      Employees 164,495
      General Motors $32.26 Billion
      Employees 207,000
      Caterpillar $55.42 Billion
      Employees 152,983

      Virtual Reality
      Facebook $70.66 Billion
      Employees 3,200
      Google $186.31 Billion
      Employees 33,077
      Apple $544.3 Billion
      Employees 60,400

      It's clear to see that the virtual reality doesn't employ as many people. Therefore there are complications for the capitalist model of economics moving forward for the United States because Employment is necessary for stability.

      We are gonna burn down your walls!

    • review the reasons. Do you also believe angels and demons are real? The earth is 5000 years old, evolution is just a theory, things of that nature?

      Downer - enterprise space

      Now secure and encrypted business traffic can be provided on employee-chosen devices including Android, Apple, Windows, even Blackberry. More than that, the employee's phone can switch between personal and business modes, while keeping the content of each private from the other. RIM should have thought of that.

      Downer - Enterprise server costs
      "...the additional overhead that BES causes. On average, this overhead is three to four times the load of a single Exchange user. "

      Downer - Blackberry net income, RIM 10Q reports:
      Q4-11 $934M
      Q1-12 $695M
      Q2-12 $329M
      Q3-12 $265M
      Q4-12 -$125M
      Q1-13 --$ expect worse, RIM says.

      Downer - Blackberry brand value, BrandZ Top 100:
      2010: #14
      2011: #25
      2012: not even in the top 100

      Downer - Mobile Fusion management prospects
      "Quest Software (QSFT) is on a quest to maximize value for its shareholders. In March the company agreed to be bought by Insight Venture Partners for $23 per share. Now Quest says it has a new bid at $25.50 per share, or $2.15 billion, and Reuters says it has confirmed that Dell (DELL) is the bidder.

      Dell has been moving aggressively to expand its cloud computing solutions for enterprise customers, most recently with its acquisitions of Wyse and Clerity. Quest and Dell have worked as partners for eight years, with Dell supplying hardware and Quest supplying software to corporate customers.

      Quest makes software to manage databases and networks, and is now very focused on the management of mobile devices. The company’s Quest Management Xtensions solution extends Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to iOS and Android devices."

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