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  • mous.tachio mous.tachio Aug 11, 2012 1:41 PM Flag

    Everybody look

    When you buy a company in October 2011, and have to sell it in August 2012 for a loss, you have BIG problems. I love this artificial bump don't get me wrong, but this Canadian Buffet guy saying he owns 11% is the only thing keeping this stock from drowning. Consider this rally treading water. IBM doesn't need RIM. Samsung doesn't need RIM. Nobody needs RIM. If they are smart, which many successful companies are, they will wait until the value of RIM drops dramtically before even considering buying the failing company.

    BB10? I had one a few years ago, it was called the iPhone. If there is no surprise to the upside, expect to fall off a cliff. Putting all your eggs into a basket that's punctured with holes isn't the smartest idea.

    Any of you guys still play Sega Genisis? How about Atari? Their technology is still useful right?

    Being years, light years behind the curve has already engulfed this company. The ONLY hope for this company is a buyout, and that WON'T happen at a premium, believe me. By the time anyone considers a buyout it'll be below $5/ share. I believe in value investing, but investing in a company that will lose a big chunk of its value a year from now is not a value investment.

    Ride this risk rally all you want. But please don't be surprised if this company fails.

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