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  • beavertailcanada beavertailcanada Oct 4, 2012 3:00 AM Flag

    Apple has marketed to kids and parents

    Apple had a first comer advantage to cater to the masses with iPads.

    The Apple iPad user interface is designed for children and ease to use. It makes it user friendly for all non-technical population which is the majority of the consumer population. This is so call the Apple marketing success. Credit is due.

    Technically, PlayBook is by far a much more sophisticated machine than iPad with security perimeters and enterprise management etc.

    I see RIM's making the user interface easy to attract the consumer market. A lot of swiping in PlayBook and BB10 for example. I. Think though the marketing should show more pictures of four years old. Ircling around a PlayBook with their parents. Get a good line of children education apps.

    Now, as we have a lot more educated mobile and tablet population over the last few years. Some now know how to choose. Certain segment, a child like interface like Apple might not be enough.

    What companies are doing is segmenting the market. Population is the market: young and old, simple users and business users etc.

    To think one can fit al marketl segments is not possible. To have Apple fans think RIM can't compete is childlike.

    I am kind of surprised how Apple can make it into some businesses. It must be simple businesses.

    RIM has made their user interface simple and do more. Peek and Flow truly display the multitasking ability of the QNX OS. This is what makes Mobile Computing possible, not the single task, in and out of Home button. This Peek and Flow sells well to heavy users who appreciate efficiency with their time. Will a child think the same? Probably not. RIM will not get the children segment which Apple is excelled in.

    Media has treated the entire mobile and tablet market as a single unified market and then quote market shares. It doesn't reflect the true market share in each segment.

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    • "Technically, PlayBook is by far a much more sophisticated machine than iPad with security perimeters and enterprise management etc."

      While that may be true, 95% of the tablet-buying audience doesn't care - let alone a 12 year old kid. Apple stores have a kid play section, complete with iPads that kids of all ages can hammer away on. It's genious marketing, and gets them loyal to the brand at an early age.

      Completely off-topic here...I'm wondering when a special "Steve Jobs" biography edition is going to be released. Apple could list it at $999, bundle it with the Walter Issacson iBook, and sell millions of them. It's probably too soon now, but it's only a matter of time before it happens. I'm going to "mark this post" so to speak so that Apple can send me a royalty check.


    • Beaverfail is oblivious to all of the corporations that are rolling out Ipads by the thousands and designing their own custom programs to do a myriad of different business applications.

      In the meantime, RIM is hoping for an elusive security breach that they have been waiting for 3 years for to cause customers to flock back to blackberry. Good luck with your wait.

    • Very true

      Sentiment: Buy

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