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  • christiansonbradley christiansonbradley Nov 17, 2012 3:08 PM Flag

    Bears 100% mistake

    Every bear and rim hater on this board predicted that shares of rim would trade 5 or lower after the last earnings report, and now 10 is easily in the cards short term. These same people said rim would loose subscribers, burn most of their cash away, go bankrupt by end of 2012, bb10 would never come out. The bears have been wrong about rim over, and over again, and now they want us to believe that bb10 will be a failure, and rim is dead soon. I for one will be holding and adding to my shares over the very long term, and not believing a word the manipulators have to say. Think time frame when investing in rim, and care little about share price. Its easy to sell for a profit, but much harder to buy back into a stock for more then sold for, and then regret selling when shares are many fold higher.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I should have added stupid clown analyst 100% mistake, soon to be 200% mistake.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • there's no mistake.

      this is a cyclical rally amidst an awful fundamental story. it's not a buy and hold stock.

    • [Every bear and rim hater on this board predicted that shares of rim would trade 5 or lower ]

      Every bagholder on this board predicted that shares of rim would trade over $20 by this time. The baggies have been wrong about rim over, and over again. $140 -- $8.

    • Nice try. There are many bears on this board that have all their profits parked safely in cash. Like most longs, you extrapolate that if one person predicted 5 or lower then all bears predicted 5 or lower. What is even more amusing is the fact that you feel because RIM did not plunge after last quarters 27 cent loss that this is bullish because they gained subscribers and some analysts predicted as much as 45 cent losses. Winning for a RIM investor is quite peculiar.

      RIM will fail in its effort to make a comeback in the mobile computing space. The playbook was your tell. Your canary in the coal mine. The fact that RIM renames the playbook operating system and is trying to repackage it as a completely new revolutionary mobile device and operating system should be all you need to see how the device will fare. it was quite amusing to hear the CEO tout 100K new applications for a new "platform"as a record. It isn't a new platform at all. It is the playbook operating system.

      Also, the fact that Microsoft can not gain any traction with now two versions of lumia devices should also be a tell for you as well. How many loyal customers does Microsoft have? Many more than RIM's subscribers. The analysts actually loved the Lumia devices, it got rave reviews, yet if failed.

      This will not end well for RIM.

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