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  • tguns4444 tguns4444 Nov 19, 2012 4:39 PM Flag

    Read My Lips - NO BUYOUT, Shorts are setting up a strawman

    whats a strawman

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    • Strawman = a manufactured target, an excuse for later justification for a cause.

      One intends to distract from the real target or real reason.

      It is an illusion tactic, used by magician all the time.

      Funny you mentioned in another post that Wall Street as a dangerous pit.

      Cheering for RIM is not because it is a Canadian product. It is because it has a good product based on facts if you care to see and compare.

      Let me give you a last free lesson here.
      Wall Street's religion is making money and it has no nationality or border. What it has is greed and fear. If you are too greedy, Wall Street eats you up for breakfast. Right now, shorts and naked shorts have been TOO GREEDY - check out the short position and the uncounted naked short position. This is what Wall Street eat for breakfast and is telling you NOW.

      My last free lesson to you. No more free education. I kept you on as you have not insult people. Further lesson will be $1,000/advice.

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      • wall st does not force anyone to be on the wrong side of the trade.....if you feel that wall st eats people up dont be one of those people or stop being on the wrong side of the catch a crook you have to think like a crook..when you see a rimm go up for no reason or an apple drop for no reason figure out who is the moving the stock and just join in.wall st does not care about us small time traders as we dont move stocks one cent...we are tiny compared to the big boys and electronic trading..but remember always have a 50% chance of guessing guess right

      • Missed one point.

        Shorts riding this from $140-6.2 and expecting more are called GREED!

        PIGs get Slaughtered.

      • Your 'strawman' metaphor, seems illogical and makes no sense.
        Are you claim the distraction of a strawman will cause people to buy RIMM or cause them to not buy RIMM.
        The latter may help some shorts cover their butts at a slightly lower price but it won't help many for very long.

        The tide is now running in our favour, so let's just sit back and enjoy the few months ahead until BB10 hits the marketplace; then we will know how sweet the fruits of our patience will taste.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • What "good product based on facts" does RIMM have? They haven't released a new phone in ages, and the Playbook was a complete disaster.

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