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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Nov 20, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    I am tickled pink. This is still only a $5 Billion Company.

    I shorted this stock from $72 and started buying at $6.29 (total luck) all the way up until yesterday I bought at $9.45 over the last few weeks. This is crazy! The wait for BB10 has been so long and there has been so much negative press that it has actually caused a fever!! They have delayed and waited so long for the release that it has actually been free marketing for them.

    We are buying three on release day :). I also bought a Playbook during my short thesis but ended up selling my Ipad because the Playbook, even not completely developed, was hands down a WAY better device than the Ipad. Intuitiveness, gestures, speed, flash, portability, video, etc, etc. I tried to remain un biased but I kept returning to the Playbook.

    I believe if people actually discover the Playbook/BB10 they will be convinced. I for one posted my switch to the superior iphone when it was released on Facebook when I shorted RIM. Now I will be returning to BBM and buying RIM. ;)

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    • I have a Playbook and an iphone 4-- Playbook is far superior when composing messages, it is so intuitive that it almost writes the text for you. I had to knock off the predictive text feature on the iphone, you have to read everything the iphone produces before you send it because it just makes up pure rubbish

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      • Yes when I short something, in this case, I went to as many carriers as I could, bought the devices, talked to strangers and carrier employees. But I was the one who was surprised. It is a far better device.

        Their marketing is TERRIBLE! I don't even know if they knew they were selling Playbooks (RIM) Hehehe. Just terrible. Carrier personelle were not even trained on the devices, no demo's were shipped. They literally had no literature what-so-ever. I felt good about my short!

        However the word is out and the carriers are now going to push the device to avoid Apple and Samsung/Google's monopoly. The Blackberry Brand in my opinion is worth $8 Billion by itself. We will see.

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