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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Nov 20, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    Only 1 way to influence and create a short squeeze.

    Want to finally be empowered and feel like a big dog with your $10,000? I numbers you have millions upon millions of dollars but no one ever coordinates things.

    Call your broker and recieve physical delivery of your shares and put them in your drawer. You will remove them from the market and your brokers ability to lend them to people to short.

    You can not just place a standing sell order. You MUST take delivery and hold them physically. Mine are on the way ;) I was short but now I am long. I will do whatever I can to promote my position. Holding shares, buying another Playbook, pre-prdering BB10 devices, I've been emailing developers to consider creating apps for BB10 (Yesterday was Irule), I walk into carriers and ask for BB10 creating hype so they ask their managers and their managers ask their superiors.

    Whatever I can do. Let's see the shorts battle that now. Now I am against you. ;) I will win.

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    • the bears have been playing with the house's money for a long time now. but whatever you need to do to feel better about yourself.

      time for rimtards to stop circle jerking 'cause they're P&L column is less red than it used to be.

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      • I caught Sprint this year and posted my trades ahead of time based on fellas like you. Sprint is freaking bankrupt yet the stock doubled! Hehehe same premise my friend. My thesis for Sprint was in early spring when I said the carriers would not allow for Apple to maintain a monopoly. I expected the carriers to cut back a bit on the subsidies which would allow Sprint some wiggle room and free up some money that was headed to Apple. My RIM thesis has this included as well. The carriers are the white knights for RIM. They would never allow their business model to be controlled by a single handset manufacturer.


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