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  • murrayhillbook Dec 5, 2012 6:32 PM Flag

    No frills media company working over time bashing RIM

    There phone must be ringing off the hook with angry hedge fund managers..
    I hope they lose billions shorting RIM

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    • Yeah, that's how it works, and you're not a delusional nutjob in any way.

    • Never see anything like it. This is a sample of the brilliant journalism on display at MF:

      "In recent days CEO Thorsten Heins has refused to admit publicly that the company is in trouble or that the industry has moved on from what the company is selling--or in the case of its plummeting market-share, not selling."

      So he has admitted this privately? Is that we are supposed to be led to believe? Seriously, they are taking every shot they possibly can - Microsoft is better than RIMM, Nokia is way better than RIMM, drunk woman at developer parties in NY hate RIMM and wouldn't dream of creating an App for it, but they will create another 100000 uselss apps that nobody downloads for IOS and Android.

      RIMM's rennaisance is calculated, and it is going to be about an uncluttered, functional workspace, fully distinguished from an uncluttered, functional personal space. About a little sophistication rather than the mad dash to create utterly useless apps en masse like so much bubble gum. Yes, RIMM blew it, but now they are back with another winner and the persistently higher share price, no matter what gets thrown at it, is evidence of that. Look at a 3 month chart. The euphoria created by AAPL's utterly phenomenal rise (and less so Android) created a ridiculous sense that the end of history had arrived, that nothing would ever again change in the mobile computing market, and even if it did, it would be AAPL that created the change and profit from it. The irony is that Steve Jobs himself turned that idiotic thinking on its head. The thing about revolutions is, they go on much longer than anyone anticipates. Mao was once asked "What is your impression of the French Revolution?". His answer, "Still too early to say".

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