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  • cholee65 cholee65 Dec 7, 2012 8:01 PM Flag

    Going to $17.75 in next 4 weeks.

    Stonecold- No doubt the past hasn't been pretty financially for RIMM. People aren't buying the stock on the past just the future. You can't say with a straight face the negative news articles created aren't a bit overboard. Why is Nokia's market cap double that of RIMM?

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    • for every one negative article, there are 3 three rimtards like yourself right there to pump.

      i've been hearing "ain't about the past, it's about the future" since $55. you can only move the goalposts so many times, guy.

      nothing to see here.

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      • I have seen a couple in Best Buy which was afraid to buy a Playbook because they believed that RIM was going bankrupt(true story ) . When I asked them who told them about it , they said that they have heard the rumor . One should ask the questions who was spreading the rumor and for what reason ? With the BB10 phone coming soon , people will change their perception about RIM .

      • Lets try and not compare apples to oranges. I myself am not here telling you why RIMM is good and why you should buy into it. I will tell you this, 46% up in one month and 67% in three months. Now combine that with the momentum it has and the release date of the BB10 approaching... Is there room for A LOT more growth in the near future as a investor? Absolutely!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • When Motley Fool, Forbes, Cramer, and most penguin WS analysts (although many of them are scrambling to recommend the stock most recently) that is a lot different then individuals posting bullish opinions that you claim are 3 to 1 on this RIMM thread. Stoned -On -Crack have you ever posted if you are short the stock and if so from what level? Or do you just like this Forum to share your love for Rimm engineers and Management?

        Sentiment: Buy

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