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  • a.stilli a.stilli Jan 4, 2013 2:57 AM Flag

    Are you all blind?

    Can't you see what's happening? Rim is on the verge of a gigantic breakthrough, providing products that will be all things to all the world smart phone markets. The January 30th introduction of the BB-10 and other devices will result in an unprecedented rise in the price of RIMM stock. Yet it appears that you are all sitting on your thumbs waiting for the next guy to make the first move. Snap out of it !!!

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    • Gigantic is not a sufficient term to describe the complete awesomeness of BB10 and incredible innovation that the world will see when they see what RIM has created! Beyond words!

    • ^^^exactly!!!! I bought 2000 shares... Have you seen the newest leaked photos??? They say the browser is very fast, the new camera features are amazing... The phone looks great.. I bet things will pick up in a couple of weeks...

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      • Better than photos...videos of the BB10 phone dissected. Check out today's news on the CRACKBERRY.

        5.2"x2.9" dimension. Easy dimension to wrap your hand around.
        It has SD card storage. Got to love that "standard" HDMI output and "standard" USB connectors. Cable costs $3. Unlike iRipYouOff$39.99lightningcable.

        Very elegant design with a lot of fine details. GO check it out.

        Oh, did I say removable battery. A huge plus for busy exec. Unlike iSealedBattery looking for plugin every turn.

        SD card is a lot cheaper than paying for iStorage.

        Wait till you see the camera. Sharp picture every time. There is a patent on focus before shoot.
        No iPurple.

        Best of all…"KEYBOARD". No more iAutoMissCorrect.

      • 100% agree with both of you !! RIMM is a sleeping giant right now !! Everyone with no insight will jump on board when it starts trending up real hard and fast... The volume will increase tremendously... 10,000 shares long and strong... Its a no brainer at this point....

        lol Sully

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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