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  • mlmexpert2001 mlmexpert2001 Jan 8, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    The Big Picture

    Mobile computing devices along with all the infrustructure, application companies, designers, solution providers and programmers will become a huge industry in itself.
    The times of carrying the labtop with all those files is over.
    The times of being stuck in the office is over
    Executives from across the globe need to be extraordinary time managers.
    They need to be in many different places day by day.
    Mobile computing platforms provide execs with the flexability .
    Rimm is way ahead of any other hardware company when it comes to having a platform that seemessly multi tasks.
    Businesses will love working with Rimm's tools.

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    • That is exactly why businesses are migrating rapidly to iOS. Businesses are dropping RIM like an unwanted STD.

    • We heard the exact same thing about the Playbook. The Playbook was promised to not only be an iPad killer but a laptop killer due to multitasking.

      Now you are saying the qnx phone will be a laptop killer?

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      • Are you drinking decaf again? Hello?? Where in the post do you see me stating the labtop was being killed? I said the times of having to carry your labtop are over..and if your ipad or your Galaxy or your Nokia could do everything that your labtop could do, why would you want to carry something that ways upwards of 5 6 7 pounds? Hello. Playbook an IPAD killer..that is the kind of nonsense you read on internet blogs..The point I was making is that if you have a choice and that choice is the size of a phone, why would you want to carry something that you don't have to carry because of a lighter choice?
        You do not believe that it is possible?
        Not only is it possible, the hardware technology is here and the operating system is here and the apps to make it happen will beready to go come Jasn 30.

        Have a scotch for XXX's sake. Come to think of it I will have one too.

        Sentiment: Buy

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