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  • angkorwhacked angkorwhacked Jan 10, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    What's gonna happen if BB10 flops?

    500 million shares competing to sell, institutions holding large volume of shares will suffer the most because they can't get rid of those shares fast enough. Hence, expect selloffs which already happened yesterdays, but somehow #$%$ came in and bought more today allowing a good opportunity for institutions to unload at higher prices. Still lots of shares to unload. See you at $6 after launch. I would be shocked if this ends positive today. Second week til launch will suffer massive selloffs, no one is gonna hold 50 million shares through this crazy hail mery.

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    • You used that argument a few weeks ago claiming that scenario would pan out in the weeks prior to launch. I keep telling to you shorts to consider that your apocalyptic visions keep getting scaled back. RIMM wasn't supposed survive 2012. RIMM's sub base would crater and evaporate in 2012(funny). BB10 would never launch. BB10's developer reviews would suck (hah!), BB10 has no ecosystem because it doesn't have 290 different versions of solitaire (70K real world apps will do for now with all Android apps possibly ported), BB10 isn't cool (think again, watch the demos), etc, etc! Now the mantra is that it will flop with consumers - that's just about your last hope, isn't it?

      You started with 20 hopes, now you have one. Think hard about that. Then cover.

    • The same antiquated operating system that you and other longs said was the best on the market only 13 months ago?

      If you look at RIM's report you will see that to get those 7 million phone sales, they had to sell them at a loss to the company. If it was't for declining service fees the losses would be much greater.

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      • Yawn....

        All I ever hear from you is blah blah blah.....

        You are as biased as a long holding shares because you are short. So you hope for this company to fail.

        You can't envision a world where Blackberry succeeds.

        Do you think the future is Spock Calling the enterprize on his iPhone whilst playing angry birds?

        Or do you think that we will evolve past that?

        I think RIM is trying to innovate and bring things to the next level, whereas Apple, and people who follow them think we've reached the pinnacle of technology and it can't possibly get any better because steve jobs is dead.....

        Give it a #$%$ rest. This company spends half as much as Apple on R & D. But it's 1/100th the size.

        Soon they will have something to show for it, and it will restore belief in the Company which is worth 5x what it is currently valued at.

        My advice to you is to get long, because this puppy will be at $60 again someday.

    • RIMM sells 6-8 Million Phones / quarter currently, and that is with a old antiquated operating system.

      The better question you should be asking yourself is: What happens if Blackberry succeeds?

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      • you were doing 14 million phones the year before.

        let's try to stick with the macro story here.

      • chance of success is slim, very slim.
        1) NEW operating system. When you have a copycat phone trying on NEW OS, to avoid copyrights, spells out nothing but failure.
        2) FIRST version is always never a success (even iphones, the best phone in the market had difficulty when it first came out in 2007-- and that was a NEW invention, not a copycat like BB10)
        3) Iphones
        4) Androids
        5) Windows phones (Lumnia and HTC)

        So how do you expect a copycat on a NEW OS, competing with a handful of very strong smart phones that had nearly 5 years of constant upgrades and revisions? Common, use your common sense, you don't have to wait to see how it will do. If BB10 was a NEW invention, then I would buy in, but it's a copycat to the best phones in the market.

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