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  • csaintswin csaintswin Jan 18, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Not getting over $15.75 let alone $16 LOL it is over JEF will now hort to get in lower.


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    • Seriously, you are LOL? LOL, in your case = Losing on Life. You guys have been spewing the same nonsense since $6. The big boys have long since covered. Remember when you showed up to the party and the big boys asked you to hold the rope they said the longs were dangling from, while they go take a leak? Remember how the big boys never returned? Remember, as the price started climbing without reprieve how it started to feel like perhaps it wasn't foolish longs dangling at the end of that rope, but something much more ominous? Shorts are just beginning to notice their muscle is gone, and they have begun to panic. They are still hanging on, barely, but critical mass will be breached soon, and then total collpase of the short front lines. Whether we see $15.50 or $15.75 or $16 or whatever today is irrelevant, the writing is on the wall. Read it now and act, or wait till later and risk losing your home.

    • Hey csaintswin...Re: hort ... are you asking RIMM investors to get into horticultural gardening?!? Odd advice for a stock message board.

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    • EASY 16+ -
      16.5 possible too

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