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  • jbinfomail Jan 19, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Cup and Handle ?

    bigsnapper345 ---thanks f the response; sorry I didn't get back to this 'til now---fell asleep before I checked later pm last night. --re the chart

    1) a little hard to see the cup you mention since such a long decline going bac to 2011 and before---and need to accept the ca 2 month pd mar-apr 2012 as a valid or strong consol before the may cup start you mention. ---Weak base / consol imo, but cld concevably be there.

    2) Rather, I would look at it as a long decline followed by moderately gradual rounded bottom in which higher highs and higher lows have been operative over last 3-4 mos, with good volume signals/ confirmations. And with a very strong signal of strength/ buing interest in the panicky pullback of the last over the last week or so, QUICKLY followed by retracement of that loss WITH volume --------(especially signif refutation of the panic drop, when one recognizes that the drop came on a very %-wise recently appreciated stock, that had this fubar after hours, conference call statement genesis, that when the smoke cleared was really kind of silly re the weight of the factor involved versus the new product promise/ potential that would much much much more than overcome the fees issue.). --------------------------But also with other chart, t/a indics like
    having passed above 200dma
    and sprung back above 200dma having once been broken down thru it
    50dma cross above 200
    apparent bounce off 50 day after the conf call fiasco down spike
    macd and rsi kind of indics were looking good during last few mos AND quickly have recovered from the conf call panic drop
    some other possible chart stuff

    ------and sentiment realizations that the news flow very recently have been good about the new product---and that more p.r. driven positive "news" will be aborning as well.

    -----To me the chart has the possibility of looking a lot like an old Stan Weinstein favorite chart pattern indicating a possible big winner and poss long winning run ahead (both price $ and time), i.e., a long, long bottoming/ consolidation bottom followed by ma crosses with volume, higher highs, etc etc. ---And it helps that there is a story on fundamentals that could well be firing this so far and could possibly provide further wood to the fire just ahead. ----- (I would especially like to tap into what people really in know technology-wise people think of the bb10 functionality, any poss compet advantage edge---esp LEAD TIME versus compet it may grant---as well as among the tech commericiality-wise people think of some of the possible market-commercial advantages RIMM and bb10 may have (in / with issues and aspects like enterprise "stickyness" from the old bb systems; the email licensing or whatever possibility; the qnx auto apps and further extensions outside auto---and possible patent predictability of any of the new features in the bb10 opsys and user interface functionality)).

    ----------------That's my story and I stickin' to it. ----Thanks again for getting back to me on the c&h questions.

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