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  • emanuel_dabah emanuel_dabah Jan 19, 2013 6:40 AM Flag

    RIMM will end like PALM

    or BK or some company will buy it
    I will short the company that will buy it
    meanwhile holding put 16 Apr
    wrote March

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    • I don't think so. The two do not compare. Go do some DD and you will see.

    • Sorry. Don't think so.

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    • told ya

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    • I am with you on this. Today's mobile platforms are as much about apps as about the hardware. How does RIMM plan to attract and build a critical mass of developers? For developers, it's confusing enough trying to guess which platform will be around in eighteen months. Is there room for yet another platform?


    • Of course, the similarities are striking, it's as if they were separated at birth.
      But just to let everybody else in on your epiphany:
      RIMM has 79M subs - how many did PALM have again, cause I forget, but it wa someweher around that, wasn't it?
      RIMM has $3B in net cash, after deducting every cent of tiny obligations. Cash does not take into consideration any other assets like RE, patents, etc.
      RIMM invented the smartphone and owned the space (then blew it admttedly, but they are universally acknowledged as revolutionaries and trailblazers). I guess PALM was in that league too, in it's own little way, but you never really hear people speak of PALM that way. I wish they would though, it would make good old Meg Whitman feel better.
      RIMM has created what is being widely acknowledged as the best mobile OS available, perhaps the best computing platform period. WebOS too I guess, right? I can't recall actually, but I am sure it did.
      RIMM is going to launch across multiple carriers everywhere, PALM launched on only one, but it was a smart move cause it was in the US after all and one carrier in the US is worth all of the foreign carriers combined, right?
      PALM really stopped being relevant in 2001 after the tech market imploded, right about the time RIMM began being relevant, so there's that serendipity to consider.
      I could go and on, but what for? If the average joe doesn't see the facts staring them in the face after you have presented them so plainly, what can you do emanuel? You did what you could. Short all you can, that'll learn 'em eh?

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      • df2830, good pts and there's more.

        I was there for Palm ---traded it long and short-----made big on the long side after buying the low low in mid dev period of the new OS. ---Much different----and much greater time lag in the technology gap-leap/

        I have until very recently been bearish on rimm----for years. -----Though Balsile was a fool---who kept his head buried in the sand for years---missed the tech curve and totally misread the consumer/ user---having gotten lucky once early on-----probably because of some excellence in the tech/ engineering, etc, end of the business that created something really strong and really early, that he and his crew thought would last forever like it was some kind on an annuity------------------------in the most quick time, rapid change, innovation driven commercial and technical situation and NEW Technology (elec-tech--internet--mobile etc) era history has perhaps ever seen------all fed upon (speed, communication of information, etc etc) by its own power brought to the world.

      • I will answer you form the end....
        "Short all you can "
        I never short I always buy put deep in the money 4-6 months in advanced
        Rimm has 3B in cash
        well my friend in the good time Palm had 5B in cash......

        the reason I bearish on RIMM is the same reason I was bearish on PALM ALVR ECIL etc...
        that what called one product company

        when I wrote that APle will go to 500 3 months ago many called me NATZ

        RIMM must take this money and start to thing about new ideas
        only idiot thing that RIMM will sell enough smartphone to cover all fix cost

        Well good luck to you

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      • You biatches can go on and on but nothing is going to stop RIMM's success !! They are re-emerging... Period !!

        lol Sully

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