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  • tguns4444 tguns4444 Jan 22, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    suppose.. and im just saying suppose....bb10 fails like playbook...

    where does the stock go at that point?and whats next after bb10 to save rimm....longs try to answer a question directly for once...

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    • it can't fail "like the playbook" reason is: that they have 79 million "subscribers" = 79 million people that have a Blackberry "smartphone". fact is that people upgrade their phone every year or 2 depending on the contract their in. i.e. i am currently "out of contract" on my Blackberry bold, and I am do a new phone... I am naturaly going to upgrade to the newest device available for me... so I am waiting a few days to get the BB10 instead of another Bold.
      The Playbook on the other hand was a new kind of device with no installed user base... no one upgrading to it... its a "luxuary purchase" and have to think twice before buying (do i realy need a tablet? should i get an iPad...)
      I therfore dont see the comparison to the playbook.

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    • twit....ok so you made a little beeer money many days have we been up & 1 down..wait & watch if AAPL misses or guides over for you

      This (RIMM) is headed to $20.00 PPS by the spring..just like i said back in the summer last year when i wrote about bb10 & qnx & the new z10.....

      check for yourself...

      again ..aapl misses,,,,they will eat you & all your short azssed freinds for brekky tomrrow..

      cheers PARK

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    • If BB10 fails to the same degree that that playbook failed then RIM is out of business. Even most of the longs probably don't disagree with that. Does that answer your question sufficiently?

      But now you should ask yourself why the stock is booming and has exceeded just about all analysts expectations seven days away from the BB10 launch.

      Reviews of the OS are excellent.
      Reviews of the hardware are excellent.
      RIM has had a user base which has remained loyalty through incredibly challenging times, they're certainly not going to dump their BB's now - when they could upgrade to a top of the line BB device.
      Carrier support has been excellent - they don't want a two party duopoly.
      RIM is currently #3 in market share with no real challengers coming from behind, apple is VERY weak IMO, due to an overpriced, inferior device. Samsung is the real strong competitor, mainly thanks to the android OS which is open source; however a strong selling point for BB10 is that it will be able to run android apps.
      The smart phone market is only going grow.
      iPhone and Android are trying to prove themselves as business devices - BB has been there for 10+ years, they have NOTHING to prove.

      I haven't even mentioned the edges that BB's have in the Bring Your Own Device (BYoD) and E-mail security, BBM, phone camera, etc etc etc.

      With all that said, yes. Since you're so desperate to hear it, if BB10 fails the RIM is pretty much screwed. But for the reasons above that simply isn't going to happen. Now do you seriously think it's going to fail?

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    • suppose...and im saying suppose... bb10 succeeds as rimm hopes......what will the share price be? I can afford to ride rimm to zero. Can you afford to stay short at 30? 50? 60? 70?

    • Don't listen to the propeller heads when your money is on the line. If BB10 fails, get out and fast - actually put your stop in tomorrow.

      At less than book value, and no BB10, no one was even thinking of buying the corporation. This tells me that the loss they are experiencing at Government and Corporate levels has hurt them to a point they have to redefine themselves. Not a good thing when you are going up against a couple of solid platforms winning in the consumer spave and corporate side.

      For me, it will still remain to see how they licence and integrate other platforms to their secure service. Thats the Rim sweet spot.

      BB10 means squat to 99.9 % of the people and wall st. As long as it works , who cares what it is.

    • I have no problem answering this question. I think best case scenario is that BB10 is adopted If that's the case, RIMM goes to $50+ this year. If BB10 fails, it goes to $0 (probably not due to liquidation).

      Your definition of Playbook = fail is interesting. In the USA, sure. In Canada in some quarters it outsold the iPad. Matter of perspective or ignorance in the world market I suppose.

      Doing research though, there are big developing markets in India where no loyalty exists yet and the Blackberry brand is strong. India has 1.2 billion people. 4x more than the USA. The beauty of investing in RIMM is that so many investors can't see outside of the USA. It has cratered the stock and presented a wonderful opportunity for anyone that bothered to research the world smartphone market several months ago.

      But I answered your question. If BB10 fails, of course RIMM stock goes to near zero. It's just that knowing everything I learned about hte world markets, there is maybe a 10% chance of that happening. Even mild adoption is sufficient to take RIMM stock to $50+.

    • Keep dreaming that BB10 will fail LOL


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    • I have been looking at the os which is called qmx. This os has been around for 20 years. Rim owns the ip on this. It is in half the cars on earth(hyperbole) it runs nucular power plants air trafic control etc etc etc. It is a much cleaner basic os as compared to Microsoft Apple and Google. Where are all the mentioned space operating systems require 6,000,000 lines of code qmx at it is only about 60,000 lines of code. RIM has taken this and created a meaningfull user experience. Think nimble as opposed to cumersome think reliable as opposed to glitchy. Even if the hardware sucks the ip is impresive. Please know i only have 1000 dollers long invested.

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      • Good for you.... Sounds like you've done your homework and feel like you've invested well..
        If the gods of the wall St. Continue to agree with you, you will do well.

        However, manipulation in the markets has become a specialists game..
        I hope it is a thousand that will not put you in the poor house if the gods change their minds..

        Consider that analists wise, you've placed a good bet.


    • Very fair question. Who will buy these products? With Apple/android dominance, is there room for RIMM? Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

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    • 17.96...right?

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