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  • xiolu xiolu Jan 25, 2013 11:06 PM Flag

    Why I am ready to drop my iphone in favor of Blackberry 10

    Short while ago, I bought an iPhone 4S from apple store for $600. After I learned about other phones and coming new blackberry 10. I noticed from the iPhone you get little value for the price you pay. In fact it is a huge rip off. I dont know how much the price of the blackberry Z10 going to be, but, of what I have learned; it is much faster than my iPhone 4S (also faster than iPhone5), better typing, better camera features, multitasking, better security, better battery life, better hub and more....
    It is just crazy... I would like somebody who things I am wrong and the iPhone 4S, 16 Gig worth $600, or price of an iPhone5, 64 Gig worth 900!!! prove it to me....
    I am planning to sell my iPhone 4S on e-bay and buy a blackberry 10. Some might say, it is risky. But, I believe it is worth it. Think it for yourself.. why price of apple stock has been dropping steadily in past four month from more than $700 to $430??

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    • Awhile ago, I saw three teenagers running on the concrete side walk of my street. While running, one of them dropped his phone on the sidewalk. I was thinking that I am going to see broken pieces of the phone, battery apart, broken display and so on. I ran and picked to phone and called the guy and he got his phone and left. It was a blackberry curve. The phone didnt have a cover. I was amazed to see the phone safe and sound and solid looking.

    • Apple sucks our blood, charging huge amount of money for i phones and at the same time tries to control us as consumers. Any move we want to make, we have got to pass through apple's Chanel. You want to put music in your phone, you can not do it directly like other phones. Why? Because you are slave of the apple company. you are dependent. apple will tell you what to do or what not to do. If you want to change battery of your iphone. It is not easy like all others.... Go to the apple store, they will do it for you with charge... There is no Micro SD slot. Pay $200 for 32 Gig. Why?? Because apple is a vampire.....

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    • I agree with you whole heartily, I have owned BB's since 2007 (BB Bold, Storm1 Storm2, Torch9800 Torch9850, Torch9860 which I am still using), never bought into the ijunk, granite the apps by BB could be better on the gaming side but it is also a business phone. thought about getting the new Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was first released, opted not to still love the Torch 9860. BASHERS constantly say RIMM is dead because they haven't had anything really stellar in a while but that's why the company is called RESEARCH IN MOTION, pretty catchy if you ask me, BB will rule again like it did before. Recently picked up a fairly large position of RIMM back in December @10.93 and unloaded 2 minutes before Earnings Report and then doubled my position the next day @ 10.71, holding this time for the long haul might dump a little next Wednesday just to cover my initial cost, but after that will still sit on RIMM throughout 2013, IMHO RIMM is the stock of this year, there will be a lot more news this year coming from RIMM, BASHERS & SHORTS feel free to mark this post but I strongly believe we will see $60 PPS this year.


      GS6 OUT!

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    • vacationcharlie Jan 26, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

      Agreed. I was getting ready to upgrade from iPhone 3GS to 5... even when I loaded into RIMM at 6.94, I still intended to do so. But after having seen the previews and read about web browsing speed, I am standing in line for the Z10.

      Another BIG advantage for me is the fact that the user can replace the battery. Sounds basic but the iPhone is glued together and not designed to be fixed or serviced. I must say I have had it with Steve Jobs' draconian rules: no flash, no transferring of files without a companion device, etc..

      So... Psyched to get my Z10!!!

    • Thats for damn sure.... we haven't even seen the real phone yet. All the leaks are beta models. I want one too but I still have another year left on my iPhone contract. Steve Jobs has got to be rolling in his grave right now!

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    • allsteel Jan 26, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

      My iphone 4s is going in Kijiji as soon as my BB10 comes in. I have it pre-ordered through Rogers. They made it quite easy for me to cut my contract short. Right now if you have an iphone contact you only pay 50% of what's left on the phone portion. With me that was $300-50%=$150. I see the iphone 4 sells for $300 on Kijiji. No Brainer there...count me in. Almost seems the carriers are trying to flush out the apple products.

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    • Americans are like sheep they will follow one another off a cliff, Sort of like the short traders of RIM stock

    • iphone#=No NFC. The AppStore has 700,000 apps but iphone folks still have to use either text or email to send a photo to a person standing right next to them.

      Aluminum and glass body? Granted the iphone is pleasing to the eye, but what good is a well-designed and elegant phone that's so fragile you need to protect it with a case that hides a great design. Unfortunately for Apple, many other hardware manufacturers are designing beautiful phones as well.

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    • I agree. My only concern is that right now I'm grandfathered in Verizon for unlimited data. Once I get a new plan to get a BB10 I lose that =( I also depend on a few apps that I hope will be available on the BB10.

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    • i agree buddy. everyone is coplaining about the iphone5 and the reason apple stock is tanking is because they've lost the wow factor from what i've read. They say apple dyed with Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace. I too have an iphone, the 4, and i'm bored of it. The new BB10 looks revolutionary. Thor may become the next Jobs, it's so exciting! I for one am holding on to my 1000 shares for the next 3 years so i'm not so worried. My ave. cost is 5.86 so it would take a lot for me to take a loss lol. Good luck to all longs!

      Long and Strong!

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