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  • jksouth jksouth Jan 30, 2013 10:06 PM Flag

    All who post here....heed this message

    You are in great need of psychiatric help and need to get a life. RIMM will be a $25 stock by this time next year as Apps develop, until then f'n #$%$ and no one cares what you think. All mindless lemmings getting slaughtered,

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    • Hey Jk, from one mindless lemming to another, for the past 30 days this stock was going to be $20.00 by launch day, then to the moon alice for there. $25.00 by this time next year makes for a damn low hanging moon. I think we already know who has been slaughtered. Nitey,nite lemming.

    • Sounds like you need to get a second job and poor every penny you can beg and borrow into it if it is guaranteed to go to 25. However, I would highly advise against it.

      Sounds like you traded on emotion, hype and called yahoo articles telling you to by at the highs your research. There is in fact not a guarantee but a slim chance RIMM makes it out of this flop. If they don't the best you can hope for is a buyer for what assets they have. And no, it isn't the book value of 18 dollars if you know anything about book value.

      Just learn, stop buying when every media article is telling you to... Also it is usually a dead give away when there is a huge % of the float short but a board full of high fiving baboons who think they are going to be rich the next day because they all read the previous months 20 yahoo articles telling them the sky was the limit.

      Next time you see someone pointing out facts and possibilities of what is going on, don't tune them out but investigate if what they are saying has value before dismissing it because it goes against your current stock choice. As you can see that is quite dangerous and it looks from your comments you have no intention of opening your eyes. So I can only hope in the days to come you give in to common sense and let go of your hatred and learn.

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      • Listen to the loser who follows the herd and predicts it will go bankrupt, while the whole world is waiting to buy the most secure operating system known to mankind in a week. One yr target $25 and disclosure is yes I hold shares.

      • uh, sentiment is weak today. PPS is oversold short term. nobody thinks sky is limit. PPS could easily be at 25, or 10, within a year. it depends on new phones selling or not. 'let go of your hatred' ...trying to talk him back from the darkside? lol

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      • Ohh and by the way I got out of control posting, but it wasn't some misguided idea I have that posting on a yahoo message board affects the share price. It was to try and get people to realize what is going on. Pretty much now it is too late to sell.

        Yes, like I said above I don't post on some misguided idea my posts will affect a heavily traded stock like RIMM. I posted to try and get people to wake up All the way down from 17.80... to pretty much here. Yes, I still have puts but wouldn't advise anyone that they must sell now.... because it is pretty much too late and isn't as obvious as it was at 17.80, 16,15 or 14....

        I still think it goes down but it isn't a matter of fact now but more of an opinion at this price.

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      • pour...

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    • Sure sounds like sour grapes to me.
      There are 3 certain things in life: Death, taxes, and RIMM going under.

    • ditto

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