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  • investorfact investorfact Feb 1, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    Another way to put the SuperBowl ad into context regarding share price Monday - IT ISN'T GOING TO HURT THE SHORT TERM SHARE PRICE.

    Easy money if you get in and out. Up to you if you want to stay in it past next week.

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    • It could totally hurt the share price if people see the ad, want to buy the product, then realize they need to drive to Canada to get one. The next question they'll be asking is what the hell is BlackBerry doing placing a superbowl add when the product isn't even available, lose confidence in the company, and sell the stock! I sure as hell won't be holding the stock over the weekend. Sincere best of luck to anyone who does.

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      • I doubt that that is the way it will be perceived. In Canada, people cannot buy the phone yet either.. although it will be available in a week.
        It's been pre-advertised there for several weeks, and when I've checked on any carrier website, the BB10 is in full view, fully described and priced, and ready for PRE-ORDER.
        That's it.
        Everyone accepts that, and that is the way it will be after the Super Bowl as well. Pre-order: shipment in 4 weeks.
        That's not such a big deal, and the anticipation will be greater when other countries announce their pleasure with the phone.
        I think as shareholders we are more concerned with the logistics of the marketing and sales than buyers are.
        I cringed quite a few times during the presentation, but other people not invested in the stock, had much milder reaction to Heins' high-fives than I did.
        The Super Bowl ad, if it's a good one, should be great publicity.

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      • Just spoke to Sprint, and their internal sales memo says that they will have the z10 in March.

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      • That's a good point. I thought the same thing. Management probably thought it would hit the US sooner but obviously it got delayed. That really does suck for us investors.

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