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  • spoolmakca spoolmakca Feb 1, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    BlackBerry has come up with a mind-bogglingly clever typing system

    From NYTIMES -
    BlackBerry has come up with a mind-bogglingly clever typing system. Stay with me here:

    As you type a word, tiny, complete words appear over certain on-screen keys — guesses as to the word you’re most likely to want. If you’ve typed “made of sil,” for example, the word “silicone” appears over the letter I key, “silver” over the V, and “silk” over the K. You can fling one of these words into your text by flicking upward from the key — or ignore it and keep typing.

    How well does it work? In this passage, the only letters I actually had to type are shown in bold. The BlackBerry proposed the rest: “I’m going to have to cancel for tonight. There is a really good episode of Dancing With the Stars on.”

    I type 20 characters; it typed 61 for me.

    But wait, there’s more. The more you use the BlackBerry, the more it learns your way of writing. When I tried that same passage later, I typed only one letter: the I in “I’m.” Thereafter, the phone predicted each successive word in those sentences, requiring no letter-key presses at all. Freaky and brilliant and very, very fast.

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    • When the stock was coming down of the high levels and I had puts this is one of the few things that scared me.

      I am surprised this hasn't been made a big deal of. A huge % of phone use is texting and when I saw the video of the guy typing and flinging words up I was a little nervous about my puts. I was hoping nobody would make a big deal about it.


      Sentiment: Buy

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