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  • pv.miller pv.miller Feb 1, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    All hot air, nothing solid.

    People don't care that one phone sold on eBay. Are you longs really that desperate? A Super Bowl ad, and people can't buy it in the US yet? The CEO should be fired for that amount of stupidity. I am an investor, up,down I care not, but until we see some real data,becareful not to get sucked in. Omg, record sales because we saw 100 people in line, really? If you lose money on this because it's being hyped up and you're willing to "gamble on it" you deserve to lose your money. This stock went up 90% in two months, it's currently 40% over it's market cap, so a buyout at these levels isn't possible.

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