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  • antstod antstod Feb 2, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

    My experience with BB10. Back to $6-8 for RIMM

    As a huge C++/Qt/QML (Cascades) fan, I was one of those who was singing Blackberry's praises. I honestly believed they were going to make a comeback with a vengeance. I was so excited, that I was at Carphone Warehouse at 9am, cash in hand, and purchased a Z10 the moment the doors opened.

    Now that I own a Z10, here's why I think Blackberry will belly flop and investors will see Blackberry stock as toxic:

    1. They've used Adobe Air for many parts of the BB10 platform. Why is this a bad thing? Because Adobe Air on the BB10 platform is not rendered using GPU hardware acceleration. The result of this is that the user is left with a bad end-user experience. Most users won't even be able to articulate what the problem is, the device simply won't "feel" right when they interact (have to scroll) with a form or list that is implemented in Adobe Air. Thankfully this is not the case throughout the platform (the Market is beautifully smooth and responsive, as are BB Hub lists and SMS message threads, to name a couple), but it's quite a jarring experience to go from buttery smooth to jerky/stuttery and back to buttery smooth again.

    2. The browser is not consistently smooth and fluid, contrary to the marketing hype and BS. When you scroll in most pages that are "heavy" (i.e. may contain an image or two), the browser struggles and stutters. It is not fluid, it is not smooth. Now this doesn't happen everywhere, but it happens often enough. Again, a devastating blow to the end-user experience (and one that is difficult for the average user to identify and articulate).

    Blackberry have taken shortcuts in developing large parts of BB10's core platform - using Adobe Air, when Adobe Air runs terribly on QNX/BB10. The platform is not consistently smooth and fluid throughout because of this. I understand that this will annoy some more than others as it's very subjective, but as someone who has studied UX in quite some detail, in my humble opinion Blackberry have taken a huge gamble by using Adobe Air (to save time) and it's not going to pay off in the long run. It tarnishes not only specific apps or the platform, but the entire product as a whole.

    So, is BB10 enough to save Blackberry? The short answer is "no". Overpaid execs will try to finger the blame on macro economics or the delays in releasing BB10 or the aggressive push by the competition (etc etc etc), but the true cause will be much simpler - the use of Adobe Air without GPU accelerated rendering. From an architectural point of view, BB10 can be best described as a "Frankenstein" platform, with some parts written in "this", and other parts written in "that" (big mistake!!!).

    As a side note - hiring celebrities like Alicia Keys and giving them titles like "Creative Director" is foolish. Blackberry could be punished for treating their customer base (and potential customer base) like idiots. The money would have been better spent hiring a team of C++/Qt/Cascades experts. She is already drawing negative press by tweeting about how great BB10 is from her iPhone. Smart.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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