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  • jksouth jksouth Feb 12, 2013 5:59 PM Flag

    I'm now down over $2 a share, cant believe this

    Just no way I can make money on stocks, every time I lose. I want to jump off a bridge.

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    • jk, if you are being honest here, and I will assume you are, look at your pattern of investing. Do you sell when a good company's stock goes down? If so, the first thing you need to do is break the old habits. Everyone who owns BBRY at this point is on the ground floor of a great company. You are only down $2 per share on paper. You only lose real money when you sell for less than you purchased it at. The second habit to break is to stop looking at your purchase as shares, or stocks. Look at them as an ownership stake. When you do, it leads you toward good companies I(which apparently you already did), and it means you need to wait awhile.

      To make serious money, you have to have faith that you invested in a high quality company and at the same time, understand that share price and company quality are often two different things in the short term (Anything less than 1 to 5 years).

      The reality is that the company is continuing to re-invent itself and is getting stronger every day. The share price will lag, but only for a short while. The best thing you can do for yourself is to start repeating to yourself that you DO make money in the stock market, and you do so because you found a great company with a great future in BBRY. YOu are simply on the ground floor. This is how it feels. This is how it works. Good luck.

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    • Get out or get short, 'cause it's going lower....

    • You may wan't to avoid the ticker tomorrow.14s are coming like it or not.

    • My take on the chart is that for next week or so its a buy (step in) in 14-14.75 range and a sell (step out) in the 16.5-17 range, IMHO. So I think its closer to a buy. Long term step in from 14-15.50. Technically it doesn't look like it will test 13 again soon, but anything can develop.
      I think it might close week likewise between 14.5 and 16.5. Contrary to those always looking for a big move. I think it wants to hug the 20dma for a few days.

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    • racebill Feb 12, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

      In my opinion this stock is like taking candy from a baby.Let me try to help you a little bit.Are you a trader or long term holder.If you are a trader you should have cut your losses quick and move on to the next trade if you are a trader you lose out a chance to make money if your money is tied up "holding the bag""Nobody wins every time.If you are a long term holder did you do your homework on the stock.If it is something you believe to be right figure out how much you can afford to lose set a stop and be done with it.If it never reaches that stop and you are comfortable with it stick with it.I'm right the first time way more then when I second guess myself. If your gonna be on a message board identify the paid bashers and cheerleaders do not take advice from these people.This board is the worse one I've seen.Make your plan and stick with it remember fear and greed are your worst enemies good luck

    • PhoebeKap is 100% right. I bought this stock at the top and sold the day after the launch and in hindsight it was a mistake. I ended up buying a few hundred back and waiting for a dip into to 13 and a half range (if it ever gets there) and it's time to load the truck. This stock is dead until May imho.

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    • do it.

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    • First of all change your mind set. You can't attract wealth to you if you think you can't win with stocks.

      Secondly, BBRY is a very volatile stock. The highs are super high the lows are super low. This stock IS going to see mid 20s soon if not higher. So hang on or jump off as soon as you break even. Just do NOT sell for a loss because this stock is going to get the spike we are all waiting for.

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    • At this price buy more!

    • Chin up. I am from Canada and have had the z 10 since release, it is a fantastic phone. Prepare to not see the results you want until after US launch. Just let it ride and don't worry about the day to day price fluctuations. If it can go up 15% in a single day I don't see a problem with a couple down days.

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