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  • charliechinchen charliechinchen Feb 13, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Shorts & Longs

    longs- hang in there dont sell too early and get eaten alive. you are a long for a reason. you dont play the stocks on what happens daily. you see this stock as a possible 20-50 dollar stock by the end of the year. dont let whats happening make you sell. when you sell thats when you are a weak long and become a pig. the hedges and mm takes your money. remember you are a long for a reason that you believe bbry will become a 20-50 dollar stock by 6-12 month.

    shorts-keep leetting this drop to about 13-14. ranges and start to cover and make your money. dont get greedy and keep shorting more. this stock will not go below 12. if you are caught shorting at this level you are just silly and greedy. its that greed that makes you lose. the double bottom happens around 12.40-13.50 dont get caught shorting at this level. you will lose everything you made.

    i honestly think there is no reason for us to flame each other. i think the mm,hedges, paid analyst are the worst. they play the public and rob us of our hard earned money. i wish for everyone on this forum to make money we deserve it! i think this forum is very informational but sometimes its full with extreme pumpers on both sides. if we had more posters that can put out opinions backed with facts it is more more informational for everyone here. we all win. cant we just all get along :)

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    • also i predict the next few days there will be magical good analyst upgrades and news.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • racebill Feb 13, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

      Good post Charlie.Glad to see more intelligent people comming on this board.A lot of good information can be passed around here if you can get through the"it's gonna be $25 tomorrow the shorts are crushed then boo hoo hoo It's $13 because the evil manipulators are out to get me then a bunch of paid bashers repeating same nonsense over and over.It is fun messing with these people but good to have real posts too Good Luck

    • Bipartisanship is going to be hard here. WS counts on the war, they watch from above and take the winnings. Liek the old sayong about the devil, WS's greatest trick is convincing us there is a free market at work. That's been proven false to anyone paying attention, but rather than truly revolt against the rigged game by not playing, retail investors have simply decided to try and figure out WS's next move, rather than whether the company is a good or not. In other words, we're mostly gamblers. Guilty as charged.

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