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  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Feb 19, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

    Are their any people from England and Canada who can provide sakes input

    Someone from England, Canada, the UAE and other countries should be able to give us some input to the sales and the interest in those countries for the Z10. Anyone speak to any carriers. How about Bell, Togers and Telus in Canada. Someone should be able to say something

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    • Walmart has huge signs as you enter the store. Every Cell store in the mall i visited last night had the BB10 sign at the front of the store. Most carrier displays only the Z10 is the one that is LIVE DEMO...all other phones are dead shells. From my perspective 300k is way too low. There is a large amount waiting on Q10 and lots of people taking a wait and see aproach which will tyranslate into steady demand as the year progresses.

    • Im in Toronto... Sold out in many locations... Did a blitz of several malls... most carriers in the mall are sold out and are providing $50 off or 50 gift card to order it as an inconvenience...

    • Sold out in Canada. I'll just give the 2 random storries, aside from my wife and I buying Z10s having hated virtual kbs in the past (both love the implementation).

      1. While we were in line a fellow was trading in his month old iPhone5 on a 3 year contract for the Z10. (actually got a good deal cause every phone got a 138 bonus trade in value from telus on Chinese New Year).

      2. In a convenience store the owner was on a phone trying to find someone with a Z10. We mentioned we got one, and he asked how. Seems Toronto didn't get enough for the demand and there is a 2 week or so wait. Seems he actually did preorder one, but didn't want to wait the extra 2 days for quoted shipping, so cancelled to go look for one, by the time he couldn't find one in the city, he called back to reinstate the order, and they said they had given it away.

      Other than the superbowl ad, and word of mouth, it is really just POP and internet advertising.

      That said, the hub really is great, and the kb really is the best virtual kb I have tried (to be fair I have not tried the windows 8 virtual kb, so that is the only major phone I cannot compare the z10 against, although I wasn't a fan of the virtual kb on the surface rt).

    • In Canada, Best Buy and FutureShop are both sold out onlne for outright purchases, and was at The Source yesterday where they too are experiencing strong Z10 sales.

    • mcmillan1313 Feb 20, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

      I went to Square Onein Mississauga on the weekend and stopped by 5 different phone booths and they were all sold out. The one guy had a pair of phones that were being picked up but that was all he had left. Every day they come in and every day they sell out. 10-20 units a day spending on the provider.

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    • allsteel Feb 20, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

      I live in a small city in Canada with 30,000 people. There are 9 retail outlets selling the Z10. From what I see they get about 10 units in every day and sell out buy 10AM everyday. There really was no advertising pre-launch so many people don't even know it's out. No, there were no 100 people in line in the mornings but sales have not slowed. Word is spreading, so sales should continue to be strong. If I'm using my Z10 in public it does draw a crowd and I hear comments like, "how did you get one, they are always sold out" and "I didn't know they were released yet". Anyway, it sure draws a crowd.

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    • Spoke to my brother-in-law who lives in Dubai, about the 300,000 units in Feb, he laughed and said surely that's the number for Dubai. He tried to get hold of one and has to wait 2 weeks, it's selling like hot cakes.

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    • There are a lot of Enteroprise clients working to become BB10 ready as we speak...this will create another wave of buying....and another wave when Q10 hits.

    • Bell,Rogers and telus are all reporting steady sales. There was an initial rush first week but sales have leveled off and remain steady. I see people BUYING everyday. Stores had 15 units launch day (at Best Buy) and sold comparison they had 20 units of iPhone5 and sold out...not sure what the fuss is about "supply issues"...they all do it!

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      • ^ This. People do it in videogames (Sony/Nintendo/MSBox). I seem to recall the iPhone had limited numbers for past launches, but somehow the very next day, the boxes were allowed to be unpacked... That said, I spoke with the fellow who sold me my Z10, and he mentioned that this is like no BB launch he has been a part of. And that it isn't even close. There may be more awareness in Canada, but if we are getting iPhone people to defect, as well as BB users upgrading as their contracts renew, I think that is enough. I mean my Company has already sent indications that the enterprise server 10 is coming soon, and warning people not to destroy their phones in hopes of getting a z10, as they won't be buying any until 2nd quarter. Also, many of the corporate plans allow for upgrades every year, and the launch of the Z10 is making people aware of that fact, so we may see a quicker upgrade cycle on the enterprise side.

    • Many places out of stock, because they only had about 100 units inventory, the demand was high for 2 days, but this is all strategic to create a buzz. I suspect it will be luke warm with all the competition. I would not expect any up or down side, only sideways movement from here. Some people actually don't want an iphone or samsung, and rimm is the only good alternative even if the phones are not as good.

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