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  • slowerclimate slowerclimate Feb 20, 2013 8:30 PM Flag

    My big concern with the BB10 is not that it's a hit, or that it has great management..

    It's the big guns that are trying to kill it. When we read the Wall Street, or New York Times, or CNBC or watch how some Big power has been able to convince US distributors to delay the launch in America, you have to worry about the power behind trying to destroy Blackberry. Who is doing this? I don't know. But I do know that the Z10 and Q10 and the QNX operating system is changing the direction of smartphones, and that threatens both Samsung and Apple. When you think about it, Apple is 61 times bigger that Blackberry. That's a real 'David and Goliath' if I've even envisioned one. The power of whoever is trying to kill David (Blackberry) is huge. They print old news as if it's new (The old CEO selling last year is released as new news.. The Home Depot swiitch as if it happened after the Z10 release, when it was long before), and it seems like many of the analysts are willing to go along with the deception. Hey, money talks.
    The only good thing in all of this is that it is pretty transparent to people who bother to read a full article and not just a heading. Even publishing that Samsung and Apple have the complete control of the market share and insinuating that Blackberry is a failure, is mind boggling nonsense. How can you compare tow huge companies that have been selling their smartphones for over 5 years with one that has only been partially released 3 weeks ago? This is one dirty business. It has pretty well nothing to do with quality, and everything to do with power.

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    • I had the same concern. The forces behind the endless negative media coverage IMO are:

      1. US government: to help 2 US companies to dominate mobile world, eliminate any thread from any foreign
      company in cradle.
      2. Apple and Google: As same as they can spend huge in lobby, they can buy media and carriers to publish faked stories to beat down the advanced technologies to keep their leading position by reducing their R&D cost.

      The same happened in PC world during earlier years for Intel kill AMD to dominate CPU market, MU kill Rambus to ensure DRAM become industry standard, and Microsoft IE browser defused Netscape.

      I guess CEO has more work to do besides macro management.

    • This board thread is full of nationalistic Canadian BBRY longs that can't wrap their minds around the concept that people have moved away from device specs in favor of entire user ecosystem and content delivery across the computer, TV, mp3 device and tablet. Media content and software (apps) are also huge differentiators. These deficiencies will ensure RIMs failure in the race with more capable competition. Because longs don't understand the ecosystem they default to conspiracy theories.

      Look at where the puck is going.

    • I have the same concern. I have never, ever seen this kind of nonsense before, ever. The number of times the same news (often already outdated when posted the first time), is reposted by various outlets and then again by the same outlets is without precedent. It gives me both cause for concern and confidence. What are they so afraid of? It's clear there are so many shares short that they need a large window of opportunity to cover, but they haven't taken it when offered. Each leg down just reinforces their opinion so rather than cover as they may have planned, they hang on, or even double down on any leg up. The people in control are making a vast fortune on the swings here, this is no 'free-market', that's for sure.

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      • I questioned that as well.. why aren't they covering? But then I realized that it isn't the hedge funds shorting the stock that is the issue.. it goes much deeper. 'Someone" out there does not want blackberry to succeed.. The motive is destruction, removal of competition, not short covering. Blackberry has something that the two key players do not have, and will not be able to have for a while. It took Blackberry years to develop this phone with it's high business security, and the QNX operation system is exclusively designed more mobile applications. Samsung and Apple's OS's are laptop adaptations. Blackberry is a VERY big threat to them. I just hope they don't succeed.. there's a lot of money and power behind these two companies.

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    • vacationcharlie Feb 20, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

      Agreed 100%. As for the media going along with this sort of thing, for shame.
      Th good news IMO is that they can only hold it back so long. I'm betting these are great buying opportunities.
      good luck to all longs! (btw that last sentence: I typed the letters g and o, and swiped the rest up without typing a single lettet! the Z10 is amazing...)

    • Well said...... the media and analysts are all in on this and soon the truth (Z10) will speak for itself !
      I tend not to bother with the daily volatility , for me BBRY is a buy / add on dips and hold . Z 10 will do well in my opinion.

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