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  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Feb 22, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    I Love the Phone as its superior. But why does BB and Heins just sit there and take all the negative garbage

    All you have to do as an example is punch up up BlackBerry launch on Google. The first thing you see is the new product being launched along with stories that the stock tanked and investors didn't like it. So if you were wanting to look for a phone and are interested in BlackBerry and all you see are negative stories talking about how the company will not be around in one years time what do you think a potential buyer will do. They want the Coolest phones and they look at all the negativity from dirty analysts and journalists. Thorsten heins has to wake up and understand that being ignorant can kill the company along with thousands of jobs and money invested by shareholders who are long. Only an ignorant fool will not understand that now is the time to do everything possible, not next year, not next month but now. There should not be any quiet period gargage when you need to sell product. You cant sell product if every day there is an article saying the sales are bad and the company has a 10 percent chance of success. Thorsten heins is doing the same stupidity as his predessor which is just sit there and take it. He needs to be proactive and stop the #$%$ about quiet period. Get some positive news out. Talk about mobile mobility if it exists, talk about the great launch in the UAE and any other country. is Thorsten heins on vacation right now. Should he not be talking to #$%$ analysts and journalists. Should he not be in Germany for the launch there seeing that he is a german. What the hell is he doing to stop the negative bashing. get you face in from of a camera and stop being stupid like the previous management who allowed the company to drift down from number 1 to barely surviving. Is he trying to wait until earning. By then the stock and the sales will be crashed to nothing as people read negative stories. Does someone have his number so I can call this guy or is he is the bahamas.

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    • eh, what was his rebuttal be?

      he's not a very transparent leader.

    • As I said before, the phone is superior and I want one but I cant get anyone to buy my POS or should I just say inferior iphone 5. But the stock is suffering from all the negative hits on idiot analysts and not enough news from the company and thorsten heins. If this is how it will be until earning then there will not be any catalyst to get this back up. I unfortunately should have held off but I never expected heins to delay the US launch by 2 months. There is no firm date set for US launch. Its too bad it does not trade on the London Exchange as the price would be different. UK people dont jys follow the apple loving sheep in the US. Not to mention London is the number one financial center and not New york. But it does trade in the US and it is being bashed down by many who want to see it not succeed as everyone and their grandmother have stock in Apple just like the moron Cramer. Unfortunately I should have held off on buying at $16.50 but again I never expected stupid mistakes by BBRY.

    • I, and a lot of people agree with you, but that doesn't seem to move Heins. Don't understand why. If he has a deal pending, it is a lot better for the pps to be at $20 than at $12 when negotiating price. If the price is already determined, then why keep shareholders in the dark.. I am sure that this negativity is effecting sales. Everyone Google's their new purchases nowadays. He is really setting us back.

    • if there is a take over deal going on, what do u expect Hein to do? he can't tell us until the deal is officially sealed..

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    • I want to buy the stock at $10.00 for mega profits GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THORSTEN

    • Its all part of the big plan. The story has already been written and is being played out as we speak.

    • It doesn't matter. The CEO's responsibility is the long range success of the company. That being said, the short term nonsense and fluctuations are irrelevant. This is especially true when a company has a good product.

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    • BS, early adopters know which sites to go to see demos, hands on reviews, etc. They will not be dissuaded by the lame articles being posted. IF the shorts had any real negative news the stock would have retested 7. Their are a lot of strong instituional hands holding shares and some strong private hands as well. One third of the outstanding shares are short, with not enough shares available at 13 or 14 to cover. Be patient and enjoy the ride back up into the low to mid 20's by summer.

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    • I agree completely - all the shameless self centered negativity created by analysts on behalf of their short hedge fund clients can negatively influence some buyers aweay from BB. The management can create buzz indirectly by having the sales distributors in each country to broadcast enthusiastic response to launch in their countries and assure the prospective customer they are getting a better product than their perceived competitors.

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