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  • pdcoll39x pdcoll39x Feb 22, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    This guy's hedge fund owns almost 16 million shares of BBRY - great interview

    just google - hedgetube . org / andreas halvorsen viking investors
    He discusses buying and shorting stocks, and he is long a lot of shares of BBRY. He focusses primarily on the management team, when making investments...HMMM

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Video has been 'removed by owner'.
      More suppression of information.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Halvorsen is impressive


    • thanks. where can we see he is long BBRY?

    • From a comment poster on Seeking Alpha: 'Jescamillo':

      'Readers of Seeking Alpha may be excused in thinking that stock research can be done scientifically-- via symbols and symbol manipulation. I.e.: by looking at blips on screen and ink on paper.
      In intelligence parlance, it is called SigInt: Signal Intelligence, or analyzing the symbolic reflections of the world.
      The real Intel, however, is always HumInt: Human intelligence.
      What is the HumInt here?
      1. The no-longer competent founders (Balsilie and Lazarides) are gone. Their wrong decisions will no longer hurt the company.
      2. Prem Watsa of Fairfax, who made 1.5 bil on shorting the housing market, and who's called Canada's Warren Buffett, bought a $1/4 bill worth of stock, then when it was down, bought $1/4 bil more.
      Oh, yes, he also helped Toronto Sick Kids hospital endowment get out of near-insolvency, by making eerily correct market calls. They asked that he stay beyond the 8 years max.
      3. The chairperson of the company now is Barbara Stymist, who is one of the best operational exec's in Canada: She had turned around the Toronto Stock Exchange, and took it from the stone age into the electronic age. Later she was an operating exec of the Royal Bank, and helped tighten its operations.
      4. Tony Griffiths, who is on Fairfax's board, and a friend of Prem for decades, is a seasoned turnaround Tech exec: he turned around Mitel twice.
      5. It is not up to me, the investor, to judge if the decisions all these people are making are right or wrong. Like chairman of GE who puts in divisional managers in place, I only have to determine what the job requires, then put in the best people in place, and give them the authority, and the tools, and the budgets.
      Prem has done this. Barbara and Tony help in the background. The stock has more than doubled.
      6. What is the end game? Obviously, the company will be sold. Prem wants to take his money out at a profit. He is talented, successful, and long term greedy (the best kind). If he has to fire half the employees, he will do it. If he has to close half the plants, he will do it. Will this work? Maybe. But it is not Nokia, nor is it Microsoft. The Canadian Warren Buffett and his experienced team are on the job.
      If you want to sell it short, go ahead. But don't say you were not warned

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