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  • ddsandhu3 ddsandhu3 Mar 2, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    Check out the Canadian carriers customer reviews

    If you check out the major canadian carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus) there is not one negative review of the BB10. All of them just love it and most have converted back from IP or Andrioid phones. I know our U.S brothers and sisters will enjoy the same experience.

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    • I have reviewed most professional and consumer reviews across the globe. With a few minor exceptions the reviews have been unbelievably excellent. Now the challenge for Blackberry is to create an ecosystem at par with Apple and Amazon. The Google ecosystem is to fragmented and ineffective for both businesses and consumers. Both Google and Samsung do not fully control what can be done with its Android platform unlike Apple, Blackberry and Amazon. Longer-term, that will be the demise of the Google and Samsung ecosystems. Platform, software, services and content are king. Only a few companies combine and control the user experience - Apple, Amazon, Blackberry. With its new operating system, Blackberry can branch out to other segments and expand it ecosystem rapidly and secured.

      I expect Blackberry to quickly built upon its ecosystems for both consumer and business and prosper. In the last 2 months, I have accumulated over 200,000 shares. IMHO, there will be lots of positive news with the earnings release on March 28th.

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      • BBRY should focus almost exclusively on business for now. They will attract a monied clientele, relatively speaking, professionals and suits and many that want to be or think they are. We live in an increasingly stratified society unfortunately. Those that consider themselves higher ups do not want to be using any of the same tools as the masses, iPhones and droids nothing of not tools for the masses. A BBRY gets things done. This is a bit of back to the future - RIMM of course did the same with the original intro of the BB when everyone was using a flip phone. the first to adopt the BB (and the last to reluctantly leave), were the suits. It distinguished them from everybody else, they made the world go round with their Crackberries. Frankly, I don't like many of these people, the ones in the finance industry anyway, they are smug and self important, unjustifiably so. They are the ones mostly responsible for the financial crisis, and they will be responsible for the next one. Still, they exist and they will power the return of BBRY.

    • Rimtards oblivious to the ease of cut n paste..

      If you don't want to read these reviews, don't ask people to go visit these sites to read them.

    • Yes... joloo must have been digging for days to find a single negative review, or maybe he just hasn't learned to set down the crackpipe... even on weekends. !! Seriously, I checked out the Rogers website and Could Not Find A Single Review That Was Not Positive. I was blown away actually... at the reception this phone and company is receiving.

      long and strong

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Please excuse my son joelew, he is a liar and a loser. I should have aborted him. Maybe I will do so now.

    • Ddsandhu3 can't believe you lied so easily.

    • From bell

      This new blackberry will not synchronize with Microsoft outlook email, calendar or contacts! RIM really dropped the ball on this one folks. Really considering taking advantage of the buyer’s remorse warranty and returning the phone. I want to go back to my old BB so that my computer and phone stay up to date with outlook. Apparently they have no intention of ever bringing the synchronization back. Do not buy this phone if you need it for work and not on an exchange server.

    • From bell

      Le nouveau BB Z10 ne peut pas synchroniser avec outlook, calendrier, contact , memo et à faire. De plus si possédez une tablette Playbook vous ne pourrez plus accéder à vos BBM, agenda, couriel et contact avec l'application Bridge. Allez lire les différentes blog sur le Z10 avant de faire votre choix. Aucune applications que vous avez payé ne sera transférables. Le BB Torche reste encore le meilleur choix pour le moment.

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      • From bell
        Overall rating 86 reviews 4.5/5

        Transferring contacts is completed easily thru the link program that comes on the phone. You need to follow the instructions. The latest OS update adresses the battery issues that some have experienced. The Apps are there, and more come on board every day. The Bell Mobility TV & media apps are coming with the next update according to Bell.

    • search for CNET BlackBerry Z10 user reviews - also predominantly excellent reviews

    • From Telus

      I wish I could have tested the new berry before buying it. Like other new blackberry mostly hype little great support. Now it is all about the apps to customize and make the phone yours. No blackberry travel,ebay, paypal,zedge, or many games. Keyboard is Ok but in a case hard to swipe up words. Really glad it is my backup phone my android is light years ahead of this newest Bberry. Do yourself a favor and test this phone before you tie yourself to a 3 year contract. I miss the compact 2 letter per key touch keyboard from the torch. The Android platform is easy to customize. Don't like the keyboard for example, test several then buy the one you like. I like the size and shape but not much else haven't had it long enough to see battery life. Hope this review helps other make an accurate purchase mi wish others had been more honest to save me from getting one. Sorry blackberry, still a dinosaur.

    • From Telus

      Basically, still the worst phone on the market. No on should buy this. I've already had 5 come back with software issues and one with a battery that will not charge (checked charger and phone; it's the battery).

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