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  • joelew111 joelew111 Mar 3, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Dec 2012 rim announced 150 carriers testing BB10

    Yet only about 50 carriers are carrying the device. HTC will have 160+ carriers selling their device at launch.

    What happened? I thought carriers loved blackberry as a 3rd platform and it was a stroke of genius for Thorsten to get huge buy in upfront from carriers.

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    • Where is the proof that the other 100 carriers have dropped out?

    • Uh because it's gone on sale in about 35% of the total markets so far.
      Their rollout strategy is brilliant. Weekly news of new launches. How about this simple fact. 1/3 of new z10 buyers in the uk and canada are coming from ios and android. Or this.There are 9 million bb users in the uk and canada combined. 10% upgrade to the new phone in the first 35 days of last qtr and sales will be 950k units. That doesn't even cover the rest of the markets they began selling last month. A monster number is coming along with a monster move up in the stock.

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      • 1 Reply to hokieva9
      • False. An unsubstantiated number of Z10 buyers did not have a blackberry previously. Only rimtards are making the leap of faith that these new blackberry Z10 buyers are coming back from iOS and Android. Feature phone users still carry the lions share of phone sales globally. These new Z10 buyers could have come from anywhere. Because Thor continues to evade when asked how many Z10 sales have occured, it is causing longs to extrapolate all types of bullish scenarios that are unsupported by facts and unsupported by what the company said to expect on the next earnings call.

        the information that I just gave you can prove to be very profitable as earnings come. It is also the reason why Rimtards are perplexed that the stock price is not rocketing over $20 per share. Simply put, the market is not as gullible as longs on this board.

    • Joel the loser sure spends alot of time indulging in mental masturbation. The more he posts, the more obvious it is that BBRY is returning to #1 in the world.

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    • At CES rims CMO said 150 carriers testing.
      "Boulben expressed confidence, noting than 150 carriers are testing BB10 phones around the world."

    • pwherman Mar 3, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

      Just googled your subject line to check your source....first line of first article that came up ....RIM’s next-generation mobile phone platform BlackBerry 10 is currently going through carrier testing with over 50 carriers worldwide. Now I guess I will see how many are carrying the about rimmtards?

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