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  • joelew111 joelew111 Mar 7, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    I remember when Success was measure in 10's of millions for RIM

    Today rimtards are turning cartwheels if they can move 1 million in their biggest hyped launch in history.
    What makes it worse, is they believe the stock needs to move violently to the upside for such failure.

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    • a) i remember when you were saying that the bb10 only sold 300,000 z10's
      b) I also remember when blackberry was selling about 12 million phones per quarter- that was when the stock was betwen $70-140/ share. Its currently at $13
      c) This 1 million phone number is for one phone for one month of the quarter. If you put that into context then it goes like, 3 months x 1 million z10's+ 6.7 million bb7 phones = 9.7 million phones.
      d) that 1 million phones excludes the majority of its markets(like the United States, Brazil, China, etc.) for the month, and its a low estimate. If you increase that number to 2 million phones which are more then likely selling at a 30% margin you come out with (3 monthsx2millionx($600*30%)=1.2 billion gross margin and this number is only for the z10.

      Good luck to you.

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      • a) I was just citing what devoted crackberry longs were projecting
        b) that was when margins were readily available and people were dumb enought to pay RIM $5-10 per user per month in carrier fees. Those days will never return.
        c) your calculation assumes no BB7 sales decreases for the next 4 quarters? Why would you assume that?
        d)any simpleton knows that your launch period produces the largest sales volume. Longs on this board hold the theory that the launch is the low point and the device will steadly rise for the next 3 quarters. Defying all proof otherwise. This is why other vendors are scrambling for new devices every 6 months. BBRY has proven that they can't do that.

      • Leon. Good stuff, but Oje does not understand a word you just said. Unfortunately he is iTarded. His condition has worsened since AAPL was at $705 per share. This same condition killed heretic, tlfgregorio and many others. Don't respond ro his nonsense or you might catch it as well.

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