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  • teknowiz teknowiz Mar 8, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    Feel betrayed as long

    Company/Management are not doing enough to defend shareholders. Although they are running the business well, they just cant defend against short mafia.

    Even though BBRY will make some inroads, I have lost hopes that it will ever command a reasonable valuation. I am just hoping that BBRY gets bought out and end this agonizing run.

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    • There is no need for the company to get involved in day trading and shorting issues. I can wait until the quarterlies come out. The CEO's job is to increase shareholder value over the long haul, not on a daily or hourly basis. They own shares too.

      Also, keep in mind that not a single true long shareholder expects great numbers for the first quarter. What we do expect is a great product (got it), good reviews (not a single bad one so far), increasing sales (this is the only way to go since the Z10 just came out), and a bright future (U.S. launch and Q10 haven't even come out yet).

      No matter what the actual sales figures are, the bashers will bash, the stock will fluctuate and the price will still be below the true value. So what? As long as BBRY continues to grow, increase sales, stay profitable, then the share price will move up this year, next and the years after that.

      Myself? I could care less what the share price is for now. I have been investing since the early to mid-eighties and have made a significant amount of money over the years on a half dozen companies. I only sold one stock in all these years, have one million dollar stock, one at around 750,000, the rest all in six figures right now. I expect BBRY to be my next million dollar hit soon. Its a great company, and an easy place to make money if you are patient.

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    • The company is releasing vague cryptic pumping of Z10 sales. What do you want?

      If they give actual sales figures, then the stock tanks!

    • There is no rhyme or reason why stock prices are where they are that, but I can tell you it is easier to capture the ocean bucket by bucket rather than trying to catch the whole thing. In my years in investing I have found one thing the investor is dead and the time of the trader has emerged keep that in mind and you will do fine. One more thing be a contrarian investor when the analysts are screming sell you buy and vice versa it has worked for me at least.

    • I understand how you feel....BBRY seems to be the target of shorts and analysts. They all make the company out like it is going out of business which is #$%$!

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    • Try being an investor not a trader...

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