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  • indianasteve2002 indianasteve2002 Mar 11, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    Don't argue with the short bash but let them work for you

    Following is a copy - paste from another site:
    I am big long on this stock (BBRY). I hate the shorts manipulating this stock price by paying the media and blogers to generate the negative articles which have nothing on it but repeating the same old line such as lack apps, DOA, too small to compete, lossing market shares in the past year or Q, etc.
    However, lately, I found a way to let shorts work for me by following strategy:
    1.) I set a side about 50K shares as the core holding for long term appreciation in the time span of 2 ~ 3 years with minimum TP at $50.
    2.) allocate the rest 20K shares for day trading which are equally devided into 2K each.
    3.) allocate additional $100K cash to be available in case the share price drops below $9.
    With above in place, I am automatically trading the stock by the following formula:
    a. If the stock goes up 10% from my last buy (1K shares), then I sold the 2K shares to lock the 10% profit
    b. If the stock goes up additional 10% from my last sell, then sold another 2K shares. In my case, the starting point was at $12/shares, with the ten 2K shares set a side for the trades, I can affod of letting the share price one way running from $12 to all the way to $28.3.
    c. If the stock drops 12% from my last sold price, then I bought back the 2K shares.
    d. In the sme token, any additional 12% drop from my bought price, I will bought back the 2K shares.
    Again, with base line set at $12/shares, with $100K free cash, I can afford of letting the share price dropping one way dropping from $12 to $5.57/shares.

    At the moment, this stragetigy works well for me. From the past three months, I made 8 round trades with average profit of $2852 per round trade with total gain about $23,000 which I believe were contributed from short sellers.

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