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  • citoyen0 citoyen0 Mar 16, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Every single time longs...

    In ten years of day trading, every single time longs get so defensive about a stock, it never lives up to their hopes and usually ends up going lower or even to zero. Longs on the Herbalife boards were saying there would be a short squeeze, on RNDY, on YRCW, on ATPG (since delisted). And they always have crazy theories, crazy price targets, and blame shorts for everything from price manipulation to fraud. The fact is there is a huge short float on BBRY because the company has not been doing well, has a serious marketplace image problem, and many expect the Z10 to fail just like Playbook. No other reason. This is an either-or on March 28...either sales are there or they are not. From the many reviews out there, there is nothing special about the Z10.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • inthebay Mar 17, 2013 12:10 AM Flag

      Have you ever heard of Chrysler? They have been given up for dead at least 3 times in the last 25 years...stock nearly went to ZERO every time. As you know, not only did they survive each time, they subsequently prospered. Now ask your self: why were they able to do this? I'll help you ~ a well known brand with skilled management that offered innovative products in an industry that had plenty of room for multiple players. Here's the kicker as far as BBRY is concerned. If they provide guidance that they will make any sort of profit next quarter the stock will triple from its current level. Nothing else matters, not Apple's market share or Samsung's new toy. Do you get it? If so, I suggest you and all the other loser shorts start focusing on BBRY's current products and future sale potential. BBRY's past performance is now irrelevant.

    • I am in stock trade 30 years, your statement made me laugh loud, I am in telecom engineering, knowing the technical too, also the BB z10 reviews are good from everywhere. If this BB z10 is nothing special, the stock price should already drop to single digit or BBRY was sold right after the launch. Playbook failed doesn't mean the other products would fail, got 2 BB10, they are both working awesome, good product won't lie, but people will lie. BB company could make correction from wrong to right, but seems like you can't. You can Keep bashing and keep shorting. A storm is imminent, will know pretty soon. This BB cell is not only a phone, it is like a mini PC to me, OS is the cool, can't complain and Iphone OS is not at that level. Gave up the Iphone 4.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You just paint the devil on the wall, like all short idiots. How about other companies with short squeeze such as GMCR, NFLX, ... ? Maybe you have not realized that BBRY is not having any debt like those which failed and plenty of cash on hand. This company will outperform and get back on track sooner than you think.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Since you mentioned Herbalife, suggest you go watch Ackmans video of his appearance on CNBC, he made a very compelling presentation except for one thing. The SEC has already investigated HLF and has found no reason to go further. HLF pays a div, so they are making money and since Ackman has shorted lets just say 20 million shares, HE IS RESPONSIBLE TO PAY THAT $1.20 dividend, so we know for a fact that Ackman is out $24 mill this year - Poof! - not only that, but he has to put up cash collateral for shorting so there's another $76 mill sitting idly by earning no interest, and then there's the terms of his short position which may or may not cost him a premium (a negative rebate) if the shares are hard to come by, so let's assume 7.5%, there's another$2.85 million gone - Poof! - and for what purpose? To prove a point? Ackman HAS TO cover at some point which will be a squeeze and in the mean time he's paying $24 million in dividends. I don't know what size shoes he wear but I wouldn't want to be wearing them.
      As for BBRY longs being "defensive", that's what Liberals always say when they are faced with facts. Here's what I would like you to do, something that an instructor in school had us do: Make a rock solid case for owning the stock. It's an exercise in determining if you have a logical argument for whatever position you hold in an issue whether it's politics or investing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yes, you are right. Every thing will vanish eventualy for sure, but when? Looks like you'd better go home and wait for your destination instead of doing any thing.

    • i had a Blackberry, became obsolete to IPhone, i have a IPhone and there is nothing worth my time going back. They will sell some to Gov'ts that need email security. The stock will trade up and down from 8 - 14 until they come out with a revolutionary phone. Samsung and Apple will dominate UP TO 90% smart phones, with Microsoft and BBRY BOTTOM FEEDING! Just the facts as they are!

    • And meanwhile back on EARTH.. Z10 sales exploding .. Million unit orders, company expanding production to keep up demand, Ok.. and now back to URANUS with citoyen0

    • Who listens to day traders? I used to be a day trader back around 2000 and the tech boom and then I got a life. Take some good advice and get a life. No difference between day traders, gamblers and alcoholics.

    • Perhaps if you actually revied the product you would see that it's superior. Whether sales are solid or not reports have been positive. Perhaps you haven't noticed that either. Maybe you should do your homework before making judgment .

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