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  • oceanspray321 oceanspray321 Mar 17, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    Blackberry and Rimm as an investment

    So the hot buttons are: Negative EPS, Phone is just keeping up with the competition and is not going ahead of it, Large Short Position of 35% or so. Longer lead times for new development making the market weary of their products.

    From an investors point of view: Large short position can be overcome and shoot the price up if there is a cross over to a positive and growing EPS. Samsung and Apple are not so dominant that this cannot be done.
    Nokia Lumina waiting on the success of WIndows 8 which is waiting on the success of at home touchscreen monitors, which is waiting on the pockets for spending to grow and newness is more needed ( this could take a while ). All smartphones are limited by high data plans which double the monthly cost of owning them. Great for road warriors not so much for at home or at work users.

    Have not heard a reason for such a shrinkage in market cap and valuation other than its an obvious value stock with the stock in the red. In the black its a different story. How many months or weeks until its in the black and ready to burn shorty. Lets put it to a vote, haha. If we knew that think of the options potential.

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    • If you think the phone is just keeping up, it is obvious to me you haven't used the Z10. This is why I think BBRY is a terrible/unknown TRADE but a great INVESTMENT stock. This puppy is going to grow organically and will easily secure 3rd place, and with higher rmargins than bbry has been accustomed to in recent years.

      The Z10 is ahead of the competition in ways that isn't obvious to just trying out the phone in the stores. Yes it doesn't have eye scrolling, but the hub is something that even I, as a developer for BB thought I understood, but didn't really "get" until I started using it for a month. The bottomline is, it makes you feel like you get less message/emails/etc. That is because you handle them seemlessly.

      It also makes it easy (0 extra effort) to be plugged into social media. I am actually using my FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even signed up for foursquare. But I am not spending more time than I was just managing emails previously.

      So many things just make sense. eg. I got an email from my uncle, I clicked on his name to combine the email with his phone number in my contacts, and bam, it tells me he is on linked in and twitter. I quickly tap two buttons and the requests are sent and I am following, and he eventually agreed to add me to his linked in network (forgive me if I have the terminlogy for linked in wrong...).

      Sharing is another area that BBRY just got it right with BB10. But again, I don't think they are doing a good enough job to mass market these ideas... though I don't know how you could, outside of a 1 month trial... organic growth will be the story.

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      • Well the beauty of these devices is that you cant market them in a one statement blurb, it takes the power of the internet and the user experience as well as deep knowledge to really get an understanding of products as involved as these. The better we are at describing them the better off the consumer is at being a good shopper and actually achieving what they set out to with buying such a product. If it was as simple as a pencil a picture alone would do. That was what I found wrong with the ancient history of apples ad campaigns colorful and joyous but what am I buying never got answered.

    • racebill Mar 19, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

      VERY GOOD POST!!!!!!!!!!! I like to see someone actually look at both sides of trade to make intelligent choice. Much better then "someone on a Canadian message board said it's the best so it must be"or "all rimtards are losers so the phone must suck too"

    • heitmann Mar 17, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

      Phone just keeping up with the competition? I think that you may wish to look at this factor again. I think that you are listening to the negative posts without due diligence.

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