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  • dakota560 dakota560 Mar 23, 2013 9:50 AM Flag


    WSJ and CNBC report brutal first day sales less than 5 hours into a new product launch and the stock takes a hit. Does anyone wonder why anyone would be so short sided in their coverage. Why'd they wait so long, they should have reported at 9:31! Imo this was the last ditch effort for shorts to cover at a lower price before the events of next week. Don't know what the short interest is but how do that many shares trade so quickly with the lead %$^#@$# bashers story. Could it be anything else but a planned attack. the US has a very loyal bb following that imo will but the new product and along with foreign sales this should be a great product for BB. The manipulation that goes on with this stock is &^%$#$% criminal no matter what way you shape it and any short who wants to reply with some douche bag comment in advance go &^%$ yourself. WSJ and CNBC are all part of the paid hit men.

    Sad what happens in the market every day. Hopefully next week the facts come out, are very good and the stock at some point gets a fair valuation.


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    • BBRY is dead money. Palm had an attempt with their PRE phone and it didn't work once you lose your customers they never come back. Aapl for example has real aaps. BBRY on the other hand has nothing to attract people. Dead money. $6 is a real target. No company ever came back from the dead. I mean, gadget company.

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      • How can you possibly throw out a $6 valuation when break up value is probably close to double that amount. You give zero, actually negative value, to the existing and new product line. Tell me how you value a company with almost $3 B in cash, no debt and IP that's tops in the industry at $6? Please enlighten me. Do the math and your numbers don't work even if you completely discount the Z10 and soon to be launch of the Q10.

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    • Dakota,

      I guess none of us can know exactly what the nefarious motivations are for those on CNBC or the WSJ, but I can state with all confidence that yesterday was some of the most biased, and poorly executed news pieces, I've ever seen. I find it very suspicious why BBRY seems to be in the news as much as it has been. CNBC has had, as a percentage, far, far more reporting on BBRY than other companies with dramatically higher market caps than BBRY. This, of course, has been nearly a year after the dramatic plunge in price. Why is this? Maybe the street is still ticked off at Prem Watsa for exposing the their manipulation schemes. We'll never know.

      Either way, 99% of America has no idea what price BBRY trades for, doesn't read The WSJ or view CNBC, and could care less. In the end, the success of Z10, Q10, etc. will be the consumer. In that battle BBRY is doing very well. The customer reviews, the majority of which, are positive and glowing. I'm placing my bet there. GL2U!!

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      • Couldn't agree more and well said. The negative articles in my opinion are a combination of pay back for past failures as you've suggested, a support mechanism for the insane short position BB has and to some degree market protection for the big players in this space and holders who own their positions. No one wants to give BB a chance to get up on their feet again. Facts next week hopefully will be stellar otherwise this stock will get crushed but in the end I agree with you and hope that the P&L and future cash flow rules the day. Thought next week was going to be a very fun week, not as confident right now but we'll wait and see. When there's massive amounts of money at stake, the big boys don't play fair. Hard to invest when certain interests have the media in their back pocket and start launching the propaganda attacks!

        GL2U as well!!!!!

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    • If you are an investor and believe in the Co. and their strategy, then the crazy swings in this stocks should be ignored. WSJ reported anectodal evidence yesterday. The fact is only BB knows how many z10 were sold yesterday. You are correct that earnings announcement and any guidance provided next week should allow for a more rational pps. gltu.

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