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  • easy127m easy127m Mar 25, 2013 7:04 AM Flag

    Z10 promotion

    I was hoping Blackberry could make a more meaningful excitement among potential users. I like blackberry but Z10 comes across as a very boring phone. The way how it is promoted lacks character. Few out of ordinary moves and the rest so predictive and boring. Whoever you talk to from BB, be it engineer, marketing guy, or CEO, and no matter what you ask them, they always repeat the same - highlighting the same 3-4 features of the phone. Now it has been 4-5 months, pre- and post-release, and we are hearing the constant repetition of the same, the same answers, the same phone picture, the same colors,..... It looks like they are running out of ideas....

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    • I love my Z10, but as I have watched this stock and the way this company launches it's products I have come to believe they couldn't launch a skiff into the ocean without sinking it. Let's review:

      1. A very expensive Superbowl commercial MONTHs before the phone was available... #$%$??
      2. The commercial itself? Terrible, did nothing to stoke interest in the phone. Most people didn't even realize it was a blackberry commercial.
      3. The BB10 launch was pretty uneventful. Most features of the phone were already known, but it was at this point Blackberry announced delays caused by tested which pushed the release date of the Z10 in the US back and they also announced that they didn't even have a release date for the Q10.
      4. Now let's talk about their strategy. Why release the Z10 first when there are so many old dinosaurs out there that are refusing to give up their Blackberries because they love the keyboards? History will have to be the judge as to whether or not this was a tactical mistake, but I for one really think this could have been a mistake.

      I managed to sell this stock at 16.84 on Friday morning, back when some rumours of lack of interested in the US markets were starting to circulate. Got flamed pretty hard for being a paid basher (don't really know what that is to be honest) but I'm not going to get smoked due to this company's mismanagement.

      I say again, love the phone. But the entire marketing team should be PUBLICALLY FLOGGED. I'll consider buying back in around 13 bucks and hope that the company can recover based solely on the strength of their products, because it can't count on any help from the company itself.

      Sentiment: Hold

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