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  • dwebber_09 dwebber_09 Mar 29, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    What a joke this is. Unbelievable

    beat by .50 and the stock is down?? iv'e seen stocks beat time after time this year by 2-4 cents and go up 3-5 % and this blows out the number and it goes down?? could the unethical criminal liars be any more obvious?
    of course it was all evident that this attack was coordinated just by watching cnbc. slanty eyes called a 3% drop massive!! so what would 30% be??? Super massive extraordinaire!!
    I got the phone and it's awesome. texting is just as fast as with my bb7 bold and the hub is so cool. sad the media is trying to keep consumers from owning a device that is the best on the market and the that would help their lives.

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    • Look at intstiutioal ownership ratio to short position....

    • Good post, Those short LIARS showed up and defend. the available short share should be around 206M shares, you are closed to the end limit, ComeOn, continue to short. What's a joke, you have money doesn't mean you guys would do that to destroy a good product and company. The good product will sell itself on market. You can control the SP a while, but you can't control people not to buy. The outcome will know in couple more weeks or months. I believe you guys don't believe GOD and is watching you all. I respect people make money, but hate those could make this way like dirty money..

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    • its about subs, BBRY went down because rev down but mainly because subs went down for the 2nd quarter in a row, NFLX doubled because subs went way up this quarter compared to when it fell 200 pts when subs were bailing because of change in pricing.....that simple, no conspiracy just WS reacting to the reality of falling subs!

    • when you've seen revenue, units and subscribers perpetually shrink, you haven't really "beaten" anything.

      just because someone puts dirt floor expectations on me, and i come in a bit higher, doesn't mean i'm a winner. it just means i'm a little less pathetic than first thought.

    • Remember the large part of the owners of blackberries are business ( dont have the numbers here ), so if they are stodgy about it, meaning waiting until the Qwerty comes out then we wont see growth until then. In this case even though I find it hard to believe business might be leading the consumer to avoid it until the next release. Great to hear that its meeting expectations though. I want one but dont want the data plan rates , cut those in half and bam I am a buyer.

    • Beat by manipulating bottom line numbers, top line weak, subscribers exiting. Not an impressive launch for the hype and scope. Rimmville hasn't been getting the benefit of the doubt for a long time & rightfully so. Conspiracy? Naa

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      • It's called laying off people and cost cutting moron. The launch has been very impressive when all the idiots said 500k or less sales and they doubled that. Once people see the phone that will lead to more sales as it is by far the best phone on the market. And yes the stock is more manipuated than any stock i have ever seen. the fact it didn't rise at least 20% yesterday coupled with the massive short interest is the obvious sign.

    • This is the basic problem with allowing derivatives and short positions. Yesterdays price reaction had nothing to do with fundamentals, it had everything to do with shorts trying to cover their positions. They bet wrong and don't loose. If the report was even for the expected loss of (.30), the stock would have hit 12....or worse. BB beats by a monstrous .52 cents and the &^%^%$# stock goes down. The short will subscribe to the fact that longs are whining and don't understand the market. You're out of your ^&^%$%$# mind if anyone believes or says yesterdays reaction was anything other than controlling the stock price. How is it that the stock was up over a dollar immediately following the halted trading and almost instantly was down almost .50 cents on earth shattering news. The SEC has their heads up their #$%$ or they are in bed with the same *&^&%^$ criminals who manipulate the markets. NO other possible explanation. If yesterdays release JUST met expectations, shorts would have cleaned longs clocks yet when the results are insanely positive to the upside, longs don't benefit. Like I said until the shorts unwind their positions, this isn't going anywhere but possible down more. Tell me a company with 30% of it's float is short, crushes analysts expectations (analysts by the way that were all predicting the imminent death of the company) and the stock not only goes down but trades down almost 10% in under a minute on phenomenal news. And our crooked friends at CNBC continue to spew their #$%$ about BB. I sincerely hope they all rot in hell. How the SEC allows this #$%$ is beyond comprehension.

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      • Like I said until the shorts unwind their positions, this isn't going anywhere
        but possible down more.

        Dakota, really well said.

      • fundamentals?

        should we start talking about sales? i'll let you go first.

      • Dakota, I gave you a thumbs up, because I truly understand how you feel. Also, I went through a very similar experience with best buy a couple of weeks back, but as you can see from bestbuy share performance since two days after their ER market forces did kick in and imbalance were flattened out. BestBuy is trading at about 22 now coming from 16 at ER date. So I am fairly optimistic for BBRY's share price going forward and coming weeks will be interesting to watch.

        But I also have to say that partial blame lies actually with us longs (that includes me). There are just not enough large, committed long-term investors - such as a strategic investor or a very large owner-manager. Imagine if only just one more investor such Prem Watsa showed up with another 10% holding, shorts would be toast or at least much more careful.

    • Yes it is a joke. Any other company and this stock would have risen 50%. Just look at netflix. It beat an expected loss and made 9 cents and it went up 75%. The criminals shorting this stock need to be investigated. I hope the company launches an investigation. Cause it's keeping shareholders from realizing the gains they should have. This stock should easily be over $20.

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      • check NFLX subs from that quarter report...reason it went down last year was subs bailed and it lost 200 pts, this time subs coming back and big jump....simple really looking at forward growth, I'm long NFLX from the 90's and think it hits 225 if it gets thru 197...also long BBRY from the 8's and will hold as it will take a few quarters to get thru 20 IMO IF subs come back...

      • terrible reference point.

        sure NFLX's valuations were inflated two years ago, but...

        NFLX is #1 in online streaming market share.
        BBRY is #1 in nothing, except creating petulant bag holders.

      • Look at all the shorts on this board for easter weekend they are worried. BBRY has had to fight 30% bears with forbes, barrons, WSJ, bloomberg, and CNBC behind them we did well. ..
        Look at how they have attacked in the past and won. They have not won with all the support and money in the world this time. The bears have used this stock like an atm machine for the past three years. They have not accepted that the party is over for them. The turn around is happening be patient. It was really a victory.
        The bears are doing everything they can to trash the stock twisting the truth and it is not working.

      • The manipulation turns todays big option profit to a big loss. In terms of option play, market maker is responsible as well besides short manipulation. I believe CEO himself should be also shocked by today's stock performance, what a waist!

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